Hello Kitty MAC Make-Up Collection Male Model

Any normal person would assume that MAC coming out with a full Hello Kitty line of cosmetics would be as bad as something could get — until they viewed the MAC Hello Kitty video whereupon they would reflect on their naivety and concede that it had just gotten worse (but assume that it had now gotten as bad as it could). Of course, this greatly underestimates the lengths that the evil feline will go to make sure that all normal people are always wrong with their assumption that it can’t get worse. A perfect point to illustrate: The Hello Kitty MAC male Hello Kitty model


While I’m sure that seeing such a sight would send a Hello Kitty fanatic into a tizzy (based upon my wife’s reaction from simply seeing the photo), I think I can pretty much speak for the rest of us in saying that bringing S&M Hello Kitty headed models to real life is probably the best way to get everyone to run as far away from the store as possible while they relieve their stomach of the last meal they had eaten.

And while anything Hello Kitty that comes into my life is something of great concern, the fact that Hello Kitty seems to be emphasizing the Hello Kittification of men on a more regular basis is definitely not a good sign for all of us poor souls that live in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Maggie who should have to date the Hello Kitty MAC model in full costume as punishment for ever thinking for an instant that sending me this photo could be a good idea…

52 thoughts on “Hello Kitty MAC Make-Up Collection Male Model”

  1. Why is it that you are so insecure of your manhood that you always have to make derogatory comments to men and Hello Kitty? It is pathetic that you are so insecure of your masculinity that you look like a ridiculous fool every time you make a post about Hello Kitty when men are involved. How sad for your wife.

    Any Hello Kitty fan would love to have a man that would be willing to dress up in this outfit. He would show that he loves her and is willing to do things for her that make her happy. Your lack of willingness to do so just proves that you don’t respect or love your wife as much as you should.

    Maybe if you could see beyond your own little world that nobody hear really cares or wants to read about, you’ll see that everyone here loves Hello Kitty and only visit this blog to see Hello Kitty that can’t find other places. Why don’t you just realize this and post photos and keep your driveling banter to yourself since none of us wants to hear it.

  2. @Magic Smoothie
    Be easy on them. In this economy a male model is going to take any gig offered.

    Wost is the view form the side, it looks like the poor guy is wearing a leather hello kitty garbage bag on his head.

  3. I saw a similar model LIVE at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, CA. As a Hello Kitty fanatic I can say that I most assuredly did not go into a “tizzy.” Upon spotting S&M HK Man, I snorted, then attempted to suppress my laughter, and then felt disturbed. The Hello Kitty Man HAUNTED MY DREAMS. No one, Hello Kitty fan or not, should be subjected to this S&M monstrosity. [Shudder.] Saints preserve us!

  4. That’s disturbing. Even more so than the rest of the HK MAC collection. Hello, didn’t somebody tell them that *Chococat* is the little black kitty? And the gawdawful colors!

    In any event. He’s missing a HK temporary tattoo on that bicep. It would totally complete the look. =)

  5. I think Darlene is in lurve with Mr HKH. I also think it is past time for her to refill her prescription.

    Darlene dear? Did it hurt when you had your sense of humor surgically removed? Did they put a Hello Kitty boo boo sticker on it?

    I love Hello Kitty myself but I also leave the house at least once a month or so…try it.

  6. I love HK and I did love the video but I have to admit the Hello Kitty men freaked me out a bit!

    Awesome blog btw 😉

  7. OMG! darlene, no man would dress up like that even IF HE WAS INTO S&M! that’s just fucking retarded! For one thing he’d choke to death based upon the fact he’s wearing a GIRL CAT HEAD!

    second of all, i’m pretty sure those into S&M wouldn’t like this at all as I believe it wouldn’t even be part of their “look”.

    you need to get out of the house, stop coming back here as you’re obsessed with a guy who is a MAN and is SECURE!

    you have to be a man to think you’re a woman to just totally piss off everyone here and you’ve taken too many hormones to make it as a woman. you’re probably deformed looking and that’s why you come here every day to check to see if mr. hkh has written something new for you to bash him about.

    you are one sick sick person.

  8. If I saw my boyfriend dressed as THAT, I’d cry of laughter.

    Darlene, have you ever noticed no-one even wants to hear YOU and your insecurity issue you have with Mr. HKH? Because if you haven’t, there is something seriously wrong with you.

  9. This is the definition of pathetic. The economy is in even worse shape than I thought if they’ll take THIS job… or maybe it’s just the extremes of degradation some men will submit to in order to get some… “pussy.”

  10. On the plus side, nobody can see his face. Whoever’s in that thing might have to know that he’s the Hello Kitty Mac Gimp Model… thing, but at least nobody else does. And I suspect he will kill whoever is necessary to ensure that it stays that way.

  11. Haha that is hilarious. XD I wonder what the poor guy is thinking. But hey, who am i to judge? Whatever floats your boat my friend. Whether it is creepy (like this) or not. XD

  12. Its wrong to find that so funny you start couging isn’t it? i suspect that isn’t the effect Sanrio wanted. Poor bastard, having to wear that stuff to pay the rent. Oh well at least noone can see his face.

    Darlen, sweetie, I am getting the impression you are a 40 year old virgin still living at home. Lose theobsession, go out and acquire a sense of humour then try and get a life. Please. I find your lack of intelligence trying at times. However your rants do make me laugh.

  13. My goodness.. o.o;;
    Even AS someone into BDSM if my Master ever wore anything like that I could NEVER take him seriously again!

    Whoever thought that was a good idea to create in the first place needs their head checked!

  14. I wish I would have checked this sooner. This has to be the strangest Hello Kitty birthday present I’ve received this year. It’s just so wrong on so many levels it almost seems right!

  15. @Darlene okay dude I have been trying to bite my tougne but you have forced my hand. You must be a sad, lonely, pathetic excuse for a man pertending to be a woman. I know you are not gay because even my gay male friends find this picture appauling. I know who you are. You are a Kentucky redneck pediphile with 3 teeth who has nothing else better to do then come online and harass people who get off on calling Hello Kitty a creature from hell! You know you can’t touch the little boys because you are too ugly, old and pathetic that they beat your little white scrawny ass to a pulp if you even try. GET OFF THE NET YOU PATHETIC PIECE OF HUMAN GARBAGE!

    Oh and I think the pic is deeply disturbing!

  16. I think MAC missed the wagon on this whole HK campaign.
    The cosmetics are sub-par, in my opinion.
    And this monstrosity is strange at the very least.

  17. darlene shut up. this is just wrong. if you hate hello kitty this just gives you nightmares and if your a fan it goes against everything she stands for. s&m and hello kitty does not and should not go together.

  18. Okay, I’m a Hello Kitty fan, and this..
    this is ..
    SO CUTE!

    err..? No. I don’t like this at all.
    If you hate Hello Kitty, this will give you nightmares, and if you love Hello Kitty, this will give you nightmares too!!!

  19. Why, may I ask were you people who hate hello kitty so much searching for it in the first place to come across htis page?

    She Is So Cute!

  20. Saw these guys in person… and wow. MAC got some hot bodies to wander around for the night but that big black head is just a turn off. SCARY. If anyone knows about the HK line with MAC they will know that MAC offers a black HK doll. MAC can’t seem to GIVE those things away…. there is still a huge pile of them at the store I frequent.

  21. This picture is so revolting (a strange hello kitty head on a guy???!) that I honestly feel my stomach churning. Ughhh… it’s so weird. *shudders* What was MAC thinking?!

  22. This is a scary sight. my sister keeps trying to buy me mac hk makeup but i don’t like the product or the design. i’ll stick to my barry m and white hk! (no, i’m not rascist.)

  23. Interesting, I was thinking of using the guillotine for something else entirely…such men should not be allowed to breed.

  24. Only the most depraved of hello kitty fans would get a kick from wearing that. I really admire the model’s courage to wear something like that, and to take a picture. It might make a good halloween costume though.


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