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While it’s never good when Hello Kitty shows up on TV, it is double troubling when she shows up in a political debate on TV. When your political leaders feel it’s necessary to use Hello Kitty to make any point, you know it’s pretty much time to give up on the world ever being a hospitable place for any normal living being to dwell:


While this should have been a warning to the general public that the evil feline’s goal of taking over everything on earth is progressing as planned, I have no doubt that Sanrio was giggling the entire week with the portrayal of Hello Kitty as a perfect example of credit card abuse and mass consumption gone mad. They know that while normal people will look at this and shake their head in disbelief, Hello Kitty fanatics will only have frozen smiles on their faces of as drool seeps out the side of their mouths knowing that they must have it. As my wife so eloquently summed it up upon seeing the video, “Now every Hello Kitty fan in the US is going to have a Hello Kitty credit card.” Hello Kitty Hell never ends…

Sent in by Deborah who should have Hello Kitty credit card nightmares each night for the rest of her life for thinking that passing this along to me could ever be a good idea…

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  1. I’m 18 and I have a Hello Kitty -debit- card. However, I think I’ll stop using it because the other day I saw this 40 year old lady have the same debit card. Hello Kitty stopped being cool at that point 🙁

  2. Rant begins,

    A HK credit card so you can buy more HK crack…er crap…er stuff *whatever* and live your entire life in a sea of brain-destroying pinkness, filled with utter uselessness with no socially redeeming qualities at all. HK’s vapid cuteness is only there to separate gullible idiots from their money. It doesn’t make the world better. It only contributes to the tons of cheap trash coating the planet. HK has to be the most UN-green thing Ever.

    Rant done, thank you for listening

  3. Did I beat Darlene? Think it’s possible to sharpen the card’s edge so we can use it to kill her with? Aaaaah the whim’s of a sugar addled brain.

    So Sanrio have started scrapign away at the bottom of the barrel with a credit card marketed at children and idiots. Figures.

    Won’t be long till they get through the wood and start to suck the brains from the worms underneath.


  4. The liberal media and Democrats had turned their wrath at Hello Kitty in their press to pass Credit Card Accountability and Disclosure Act. I leave my objections aside except regulation has a nasty habit of backfiring on the consumer and my drive the poor to underground lenders, a boom to organize crime. What Rachel Maddlow did is a new low in story manufacturing and pres bias. She uses a sweeping generalization as in Hello Kitty markets to 10 to 14 year olds therefore there are marketing credit cards to 10 to 14 year olds. The flaw in this logic is Sanrio does markets to adults as well and a large majority of fans are over the age of 21. The fact she mentions sanrio.com showing the credit card but if she just click on Sanrio Luxe sanrio.com/sanrioluxe/ the New York concept store, she would see a line tailored for an older clientele. The card is defiantly aimed at older consumers not kids.

  5. It’s cute. I think Sanrio should branch out of the pink a bit more, but I would be first in line for one if I was old enough to get a credit card 😀

  6. the whole reason i switched to bank of america was for the hk debit card and checks. that being said i’m also 28 years old. not to mention bank of america also offers SCOOBY DOO checks. why was that not brought up? i just went to a birthday party of a 5 year old with a Scooby Doo theme. i have NEVER been to a child’s party and seen HK (unless it’s the gift i brought). this woman is stupid for not researching that Hello Kitty is really marketed towards adults.

    @ Acton – i agree. if she would have just clicked on the shop and seen the items Kimora Lee Simmons offers she would realize that 14 year olds can not afford (nor should they be given) a $1,500 necklace.

  7. Eh, I like Rachel Maddows usually (of course, I prefer BBC and PBS since they have so little bias), and I’m not sure anyone besides a Hello Kitty fanatic really sees this as being marketed to young adults, especially the pink card.

  8. Found this site looking up “hello kitty guitar picks.” I was thinking of getting some as a joke towards my dad, since while I was looking for a guitar he kept saying I should get a Hello Kitty one. Well, now that I have a guitar (no kitty, thanks) I thought it’d be funny to get some for either me or him (he has his own guitar). I never knew how much Hello Kitty stuff exists. I have been enlightened… and apparently HK fans beat comic book fans.. by a lot. All I can say is “wow.”

  9. lol – i love this site – something about Hello Kitty makes me want to rip her piggy little eyes out and stamp on that plump body.

    i was given a HK cloth bag a few years ago, had no idea what it was, and now Mr keeps his electric drill and bits in it. He’s realised he’s keeping his bits in an HK bag, but what the heck, it’s useful.

  10. Dammit. I’m only 14.

    I actually reckon it’s cute! A little bit too pink, but I don’t mind!

    ….Oh god, what’s wrong with me. The girly part of my brain is coming alive. o.o

    NOOO! HELLO KITTY IS TAKING ME ALIVE! -Shot by Hello Kitty fanatics-

  11. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! It cut off right before the item about Rachel Alexandra winning the Preakness! I’d have wanted to see that even more!

  12. Darlene didn’t understand what she’d be ranting about this time. Well she never does but this time it’s not something as easy to understand as painted bellies or bottled water; this time it’s high finance, way out of what she can even pretend to understand.

  13. That card is beautiful and you have no right to rant about it. i can’t believe you. You need to start having some respect for yourself and Helle Kitty! A true man wouldn’t mind having a bright pink hello kitty card. Your rants just show us what a true coward you are.

  14. Oh , I love this blog, I’m laughing so much today…
    And really, that Darlene must be some kind of… god. She only could be at the same level as dr. Zoidber or something like that, because I laugh so much with her comments…
    And Mr. Hello Kitty Hell, I understand you. Co-habiting with over-cute people is desesperating.

    Regards from Spain 😉

  15. For those you who didn’t already know, this comes in black too. Months ago, when I got my card, I received compliments every time I used it. And Anna, if you think you’re one of those people who are finding “cool” things that belong to only teens, you obviously think like a teen. HK has been around since 1974 (long enough for that 40 yr old to have liked HK when she was 5!)

  16. I guess the trace back did not work

    It is not good to cross one of Hello Kitty Fans, especially one who is a Republican volunteer; you might say I am an activist. I dug around and found the original 2004 press release by Bruce Giuliano about targeting 10 to 14 year olds; it has nothing to do with the credit card but the prepaid Debit card.

    “Girls Go From Hello Kitty To Hello Debit Card
    Brand’s Power Tapped to Reach Youth

    By Caroline E. Mayer
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Sunday, October 3, 2004; Page A01

    The popular Hello Kitty brand — commonly found on stationery, purses, pajamas and other items for children — will soon start appearing on a new platform: a MasterCard debit card.
    “Freedom! You can use the Hello Kitty Debit MasterCard to shop ’til you drop,” the card’s Web site enthuses.
    The prospective audience? The young women who grew up with the 30-year-old icon — as well as much younger girls. “We think our target age group will be from 10 to 14, although it could certainly go younger,” said Bruce Giuliano, senior vice president of licensing for Sanrio Inc., which owns the brand.
    Since only parents (or at least anyone older than 18) can sign up for the card, Hello Kitty thinks it’s a great way for adults to “help teach their children how to manage their finances,” Giuliano said. Next up, he added, is a prepaid Hello Kitty cell phone. “

    It makes sense because parents are turning to prepaid debit card for allowances.
    In addition if one goes to the Sanrio site and try to sign up for a credit card, it says one need to be over the age of 18, Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-ND) comments are a fabrication

  17. Meh, you know what. I think it’s cute, if my credit card company offered one. I’d be happen. But I’m over the age of 18 so… *shrug* and I do have the BoA Hello Kitty Check card.. because it’s cuter than the rest of the ones I saw *shrug* I don’t think I know anyone else with it, and I get commented on it all the time by other adults..
    Not that I’m a HK fanatic, but here and there it’s cute 😛

  18. Ha.

    You’re so full of crap. Making a blog/wasting your time about how much you hate Hello Kitty.

    You’re just a big hater of her because 1) Women LOVE her 2) She makes money just by plastering her cute face anywhere, and you can’t.

    While Sanrio and Hello Kitty keeps making millions just by being cute and adowable ^_^ You’ll still be a loser, blogging about how lame she is, when you should take a look at how lame you are.

  19. While I didn’t watch the clip, from what I gather from Acton’s comment, the intent of this card is pretty disturbing.

    I know kids are an incredibly lucrative market, but at what point do we start caring about when these kids are adults with no concept of money?

    I already know people like that. And its not good.

  20. Critical difference between a credit card and a debit card; you can’t use a debit card to spend money you don’t already have!

  21. In addition what Kitteh is saying, many parents are dispensing allowance as prepaid debit cards instead of cash.

  22. So basically what happens is:-
    1) Parent opens some sort of debit card account in child’s name.
    2) Parent sets up an automated payment order that puts cash into that account periodically.
    3) Parent gives child debit card and tells them what their allowance is instead of giving it to them as physical money.

    If so, my only reservation about this specifc card would be if my son wanted one!

  23. As one of my summer resolutions is to quit credit cards for good, I am not interested in a Hello Kitty CREDIT card. However, a Hello Kitty DEBIT card would be awesome! ^_^

  24. @Magic Smoothie, it depends on the institution, but a debit card based account can be set up such that you can’t overdraw on it except by making lots of smallish shop transactions that don’t trigger an immediate funds check. Even then, when the institution realises the account is overdrawn they can lock the account and prevent any further withdrawals until it is in credit again.

  25. Long time fan of hkh, first time posting. I almost got the card, when I realized. I’m a freaking adult. I have a job. Yes. Hello Kitty is indeed adorable, but I don’t need to be reminded of that every time I buy something.
    (HK fan, not fanatic)

  26. i rarely find politics interesting, mostly because i can rarely follow it without a “for dummies” manual…but THIS makes me laugh!! not only for the ridiculous idea of putting “an anthropomorphised pink cat” on any dignified person’s credit card, but i can’t tell you how often a certain HK victim friend (i’m TRYING to bring her back!!) and i talk about how disgusting it is to put those card adverts on websites aimed specifically at CHILDREN!! THANK YOU, HKH, for adding this ;))

  27. i dont agree because although hello kitty products were origionally intended for children they need to accept the fact that older crowds have come to enjoy her products too so just because there is a hello kitty credit card doesnt mean they want kids to get them besides they already cant so what she said is just plain retarded

  28. That is so cool………..I have the hello kitty credit card they had on that TV clip (now Bank of American has another version on her on there card – mine so way cuiter). Listen, it’s a drag whenever you have to use credit to buy something cuz you dont have the money in your wallet. My “Hello” card tells me when I am in buyer’s debate “Hey, you go girl, you work for it, you earned it”…and then every purchase is managable. {****BUT word to the wise: not a laughing matter – pay on time, the Hello Kitty credit card is no joke – high interest rates, if you don’t do the right thing, and pay on time****}.


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