Hello Kitty Pregnant Belly Art

Sometimes I get emails that simply confirm that the next generation is doomed to live their own hello Kitty Hell. A perfect example of this is Hello Kitty pregnant belly art:


Now I’m going to make a huge assumption and believe that the woman having this baby knows that she is having a girl. I know that this is a terrible assumption to make with a Hello Kitty fanatic, but making this assumption is the only way I’m going to be able to sleep at night for the rest of the month since the alternative is just too horrible to think about. If nothing else, start saying prayers for the little one inside that belly. I can guarantee that she wouldn’t be coming out into this world if she knew what was waiting for her.

Of course, the Hello Kitty fanatic takes this to a whole new level. My wife not only loved the concept of the Hello Kitty belly, she took it to a whole other level when she asked, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could have Hello Kitty as a baby?” I think a vasectomy is looking a lot less painful than the alternative at this point…

Sent in by Eric who should have to endure Hello Kitty body paint on his significant others for the rest of his life for thinking for even a moment that sending a photo like this could ever produce any good in the world…

26 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Pregnant Belly Art”

  1. Seriously, do you have some type of mental defect?!? That baby is going to be the happiest baby in the world! Everyone wishes that they could have grown up with a mom that loved Hello Kitty. This woman will make a wonderful mother which everyone can see by how proud she is to show off her belly.

    And why do you have to disrespect your wife all the time. What exactly would be wrong with having Hello Kitty as a baby. She would be the cutest baby in the world and all the mothers would be jealous. It would be heaven. The only reason you need to get a vasectomy is so no more people like you end up in the world and we could enjoy Hello Kitty without all your ridiculous babble.

  2. Wow. That’ll be a bugger to wash off.

    Oh, and Darlene? We’ve heard the same crap over and over. Try and think of new material. Kay?

  3. Wow, Darlene, Obviously is mentally unstable for wanting an anthropomorphic Hello Kitty Mutant Human Baby. Gross. The horror. The Horror.

  4. Hello Kitty would be a really unhealthy baby. She has no mouth! How would she suckle? You’d have to feed her intravenously, or have a surgeon make a mouth.

  5. Agreed w/ABW.

    On the other hand, not having a mouth would make for the most awesome baby ever. No crying! =D I might actually want a kid if I could have a Hello Kitty, since I’m assuming no mouth=no poopy diapers, either.

  6. Oh Darlene darlene darlene. Everyone knows your a troll, and in any case, your boring. Try a new schtickt, hmm?

    Mr HKH, thank you for this blog. Its hilarious and disturbing to me on so many levels.

  7. Guys, I’m so bored with darlene I didn’t even read her rant. Seeing people responding to someone who NEVER REPLIES to direct postings to her is getting just about equally boring now! If you realise thar she’s a troll, ignore her!

    I agree that the picture’s not exactly well done though.

  8. yipes thats frightening and as for Darlene what can one say blah blah blah same stupid crap different day but ffs who wouldn’t want to have HK as a baby umm. . . everyone

  9. Thats scary.

    And show of hands please: who wants to kill Darlene? Least we know she won’t reproduce? 😀

    Am all for showing off your pregnant tummy with pride, but why paint Satan In A Bow on it? Don’t get it.

    Mind you, did you know there are now two HK vibrators *cough* sorry massagers out there? Now a little one where it is dressed as a horse. Now I think that transcends even the horror of Darlene.

  10. LMAO Kitty. *Panda waves her hand violently*

    Anyway, cute preggie belly but the artwork has got to go. Try next time to just get is put in a cast like so many other preggie women are doing these days. It will last longer and not look so ugly. Sorry but I hate pussy’s even if you do put a bow on one 🙂

  11. darlene i don’t think he has a mental disability, he’s just REALY sick of hello kitty. i like hello kitty but i think it would be weird if a human had a hello kitty for a baby considering she’s not human. cute Japanese characters rock though!
    ^-^ I also like tokidoki 🙂

  12. Wow ya’ll are some really lame ppl. So y sit on your butts all day and talk about someone elses profit? Your all dumb at least she is international and the creater makes a lot of money. Unlike you guys who sit on your butts talking about Hello Kitty who happens to be great okay. So GET a dang LIFE! Seriously is this (blog) what the world has come to? Wow if so, then everyone must be just like you all. Ugh! Okay I’m done with this.
    Have a great hello kitty filled day!!! c:

    P.S. I happen to like hello kitty and not obsessed at all and don’t plan on becoming obsessed.. O and to the maker of this whole blog..LEAVE your dang WIFE alone. You don’t see a blog about your ass and the dumb things you do and I’m certain you do stupid things..example..this blog. Maybe u need to look around and accept what the hell is going on…

  13. That is the most dumbest idea ever, really. Couldn’t it like seep through your skin and get in your blood, and get to the baby?

  14. @WowLame! Look, 1. it’s called free speech, okay? 2. We happen to like hating Hello Kitty, success aside. And 3. there’s more to their marriage than this blog, so unless you know them personally…
    @TEEHEE! No, that’s Sharpie pens and only in large amounts, like a few pens worth, as far as I know paint is just fine.


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