Hello Kitty Camper

The weather is getting nicer and when you’re in Hello Kitty Hell, the number one priority is to get out of the house and as far away from the Hello Kitty mess inside as possible. That, of course, was my thinking when asking my wife to go camping, but it seems that the evil feline can’t even leave the great outdoors in peace with the existence of the Hello Kitty camper:


My wife and I had completely different thoughts upon seeing this monstrosity. She thought it was the perfect way for us to spend the summer traveling around the country seeing the great outdoors. I thought it was the perfect time to buy that Hello Kitty assault rifle, spray the front hitting the propane tank and watching the whole thing go up in flames (at least that would be a Hello Kitty campfire that I could enjoy). Obviously it’s going to be a long summer in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Paul Christian who really needs to re-evaluate his life if he thinks that taking photos of Hello Kitty campers is a good thing — and for good measure should have to live in one of these for ever thinking that sending me this photo could produce any good in the world…

31 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Camper”

  1. This camper would be puurfet for me and the girls on a crossroad country trip without any men at all . ^_^ Think of what cute Hell kitty things you could find in that camper. The Blue hello Kitty curtins look adorable.

  2. Well, I suppose you can use the HK sleeping bag to sleep inside of it and eat HK canned ramen for dinner. And then get drunk on HK beer and puke in an HK porta-potty.

  3. Why can’t you ever accommodate your wife’s wishes? You are the one that wants to go camping. You should be happy that your wife is willing to go with you! Once she agrees, then it’s your job to please her and if that means going in a Hello Kitty camper, then you have to agree.

    This camper is every girl’s dream. It should be filled with Hello Kitty to make it perrrrfect. All women would love to go camping if they could go in a camper like this!

  4. I hate campers in the first place (if you have a soft bed and electricity IT ISN’T CAMPING,) but… guhhh. They’re bad enough when they’ve been tastefully painted but this would just jerk me right out of the scenery.

    At least there isn’t an HK canoe. Yet…

  5. I AM a woman… and I would walk through miles of wilderness to get AWAY from an infantile atrocity such as that.

  6. I’m female and i know for sure that that bloody monstrosity will not only burn well, but they explode exceptionally well.

    Darlene, it is NOT his ‘job’ to please his wife at all times. A marriage is about give and take, so why the frell should he have to bow to his wife’s wishes all the time? She should give him a break from Hello Kitty some times you know.

    Not that you would understand this of course, not whilst you live with your head up your Hello Kitty clad arse as no man would come anywhere near you. Therefore, it is logical to assume that you will never understand that a marriage is about give and take on BOTH sides, not just one.

    Aaah bad day now feels better 😀

  7. I hate camping. It doesn’t matter if it is in a Hello Kitty Camper or a “normal” one. No amount of hello kitty would make the experience any better. This product is a pass for me.

  8. I deal with the camper later
    but I really getting sick ant tried of the line
    “If I see a man with __________________ I going to Kill/
    Insert Hello Kitty Item
    run off the road etc”. In the words of 300 you better chose your next words wisely because I have Hello Kitty Bedding, plushies in the truck and carry a hello kitty backpack in public. I am guy and I would like to see one of these punks try. I am more likely pull out a Glock (a la Hello Kitty) aim between the eyes, and look into them and say in the immortal words of Clint Eastwood do you think you’re lucky…..punk.

    Sorry if I am in the face mode , but it beginning to become a pet peeve every time something about men and Hello Kitty there is somebody come out and most likely out thinking post some kind of vain threat if he see a man with a hello kitty item. You may disagree with me that ok but do not go half cocked throwing threats of violence. America is a free country and there no law that says I can’t Kittyfy my life even it puts my dating life in the crapper.

  9. @ Darlene

    You say all woman, but I would NEVER go anywhere in this monstrosity.

    I hate camping overall so bleh LOL

  10. I don’t think this would be half so garish if it was just the little pink kitty art in one corner. That’d be maybe a little odd, but by no means an eyesore.

    I think it’s just the idea of that blaring pink when you’re trying to see some nature.

  11. If it was not for the curtains I would be yelling photoshop. Now what really interesting is the trailer is a vintage Shasta that uses a two tone pink on the bottom paint job. One can goggle it.

  12. Love how Darlene says “every woman would want to go camping if Hello Kitty were involved!” Um…I’m a woman and I love camping and if anyone tried to Hello Kittify my campsite it would all go in the fire so I could roast marshmallows.

  13. Now there’s an idea we could all go with unless we hate marshmallows (and I mean any marshmallows, not just ones with a marketting theme to them) – roasting HK marshmallows over a campfire!

  14. @ Darlene.

    I’m a girl, 14 years of age, and I like only a little bit of the Hello Kitty merchandise that I like. Trust me when I say little bit.

    I’m close to the age group Sanrio is targetting, and let me just say, not every woman, teenage girl or little girl would love Hello Kitty. I am one of them. I hate this product, so there goes your logic.

    Thank you and Goodnight.

  15. @darlene

    No sane woman of proper dignity would go into that… that thing you call a camper. If I saw this, I would burn this in the store. If this was custom-made, I’d burn it in the person’s backyard. Hello Kitty was solely made for little children, not grown adults. How any adult could find something meant for them instead of their little girl… well, sanity is lost, then.

  16. for some reason i can’t get the photo to show up. it says “ERROR”! sadness!

    my fiance has been bugging me to go camping with him since we started dating. i’m not a girl who camps, but i totally would be if we had a Hello Kitty camper!

    @ Emm T – Hello Kitty is for ages 4 – FOREVER!

  17. Hey , see the bright side! , at last if you own one of those , she can send you sleep on it and not in the couch , sadly i bet it would be fully decorated with the evil feline inside! XD

  18. Dude you know u love it! I would love to do it to mine. I’m doing a 50’s diner theme so my hubby will allow it in our yard! let alone camp in it! I bet you turn on the hello kitty hell wine and the wife does whatever you want! lol

  19. Dude, that has to be photoshopped – the paint job is just too purrr-fect (ha,ha!) Do you think the inside is made up with the Hello Kitty S&M bed set? Hmmmmm…


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