Hello Kitty Canned Ramen

When it comes to Hello Kitty food, one would logically conclude that it really couldn’t get much worse than Hello Kitty instant ramen, but of course this assumption would be coming from someone that doesn’t really know the evil feline. Not satisfied with only the freeze dry ramen noodle market, Hello Kitty has branched off in an attempt to corner the canned ramen noodle market as well:



The thought of canned ramen in itself is a pretty disgusting concept, but add Hello Kitty to the mixture and you pretty much guarantee that you’re going to spend the time after eating it over a toilet bowl somewhere.

Of course, my wife thinks this is an excellent idea since it fits in well with her belief that if it says “ramen” on the can and that I like ramen, then I will surely like Hello Kitty ramen. So when situations like this come to pass in Hello Kitty Hell, I have an important decision to make: would I rather make good friends with the toilet bowl or the Hello Kitty sleeping bag and couch…

Sent in by Aaron who should have to eat this for every meal for the rest of the year for thinking that showing this to me could ever result in anything positive…

37 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Canned Ramen”

  1. It looks foul, even worse than Pot Noodles and that takes some beating.

    And HK looks like Anne Robinson from the Weakest Link in those glasses, which just makes matters worse.

    How the hell do you heat it up? I assume its a metal can so microwave is out of the equation. Actually, I don’t wanna know. Its just wrong.

    And Darlene, learn some new words honey.

  2. oh no. I too am wondering how you heat this stuff, or eat this stuff. As a HK fan I would keep the can as collectible if it were a gift to me but I would not go looking for it.

    And everyone brace yourselves for the ramblings of Darlene because we know its going to happen. Probably something along the lines of: blah blah blah HK blah blah disrespect your wife blah blah you should be happy with whatever ramen she gives you blah blah blah

  3. Eat it and the Kitty will be in you for ever.

    Personally I have my doubts this product will work, how do they keep the noodles from becoming mush?
    Hello Kitty on the can is just ink, perhaps a ploy to hide canned noodles soup = FAIL.

  4. This looks delicious! Why do you have to be soooo negative about anything that has Hello Kitty on it? I bet if this were just a can of ramen, you would be singing its praises and the only reason you are saying it must taste bad is because Hello Kitty is on it.

    Hello Kitty provides a nutritious meal for those in a hurry and all you do is complain. Hello Kitty can brighten up any meal and that is what makes her food so popular. I think you’re just jealous because no matter how much you try to bad mouth her, she is only gaining in popularity.

  5. Weeell, heck. Lil Kitty looks like she’s fiddlin’ with her glasses in embarrassment as she’s saying, ‘Sorry. Just barfed over here. Don’t mind me. Enjoy your meal.’

  6. Yes, darlene, because Ramen is the epitome of healthy eating. Along with almost your daily intake of sodium. Yumyum.

  7. I think the previous HK instant ramen is more HK fanatic than this.
    They should put those HK face something found in the HK instant ramen.
    Then it will be complete.
    Otherwise, it is just a can decorated with a HK maid.

  8. I like Ramen, but there’s no way in hell that it is a nutritious meal. And I’m agreeing with whoever said it up there – how the hell do you heat it up? I would never eat it cold, HK or no.

  9. Darlene is more dilusional than usual!! No way is ramen a nutricious meal (although dried ramen can be made reasonably so with the addition of some stir-fried veg and tinned tuna).

    As for this product I’m with Kitty; it makes Not Poodle 😉 look like haute cuisine! (other, better brands of noodle cups are available).

  10. I just realised the answer to “How do you heat it up?” It must come out of the Japanese vending machine already hot. You can also buy cans of hot coffee from machines there.

  11. Not Poodle! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! actually, that’d taste better.

    Out of the machine hot, so I’m guessing it nukes it with a shot of radiation to heat it up?

    Hey kids! Eat Ramen and GLOW! 😀

    Seriously though, I knew Darlene was a screwed up individual, but how the hell are noodles nutritious? They’re packed full of salt and fats and calories. This stuff makes chocolate look helahtier than apples!

    Actually got some chocolate in the friedge. That or noodles? Hmm tough choice.

  12. This must be part of some larger marketing experiment to find what if anything people WON’T buy as long as it has that vapid white image on it.

    As for you know who: Every hell must have a devil. We know who the devil is here, so darlene has to be the devil’s advocate.

  13. ugh I didn’t even know canned ramen existed till now but it sounds/looks pretty disgusting.

    why put something so cute on something so gross?

  14. first of all hello kitty rocks anywhere and everywhere on anything and everything!!! and by the way ramens are 10 for $10! secondly collectors will have the haters eating hk noodles in a can forever in hell!!! thirdly noodles are good!!

  15. Eat it. Think about it.

    Don’t eat it–you have to see that HK product, THEN the sleeping bag, 2 HK products total.

    Eat it–yeah, you’ll be hugging the toilet, but I don’t think you have the HK toilet. So 1 HK product total.

  16. I kinda want a can because it lacks the disgusting amount of pink found on most HK things. I would never dream of eating it though. It looks like it would be gummy. (and I <3 me some ghetto chow)

  17. is anyone else convinced that darlene is really the guy who runs this website, just trying to cause drama and keep us interested?

  18. Greetings Aaron here! 😀

    I sent this in for the follewing reasons.

    1. Big fan of kittyhell.com
    2. Love your comments when people email you!
    3. Would eat this only for the one I love my wife, but a whole year LMAO! nawww

    Have fun you guys, and Darlene shutup! 🙂

  19. @ darlene
    We don’t need your precious Kitty to get decent ramen…

    Earth to darlene, earth to darlene, it’s time to grow up..!

  20. Bleggggh! Canned Ramen? The dry stuff is bad enough.

    So gross.

    Hello Kitty has a small soft spot in my heart because a Japanese woman who lived with us gave me a HK wallet when I was a kid direct from Japan (before America had ever really heard of HK).

    I just stumbled upon this website and I am shocked at how insane all this marketing is. It’s ruining my childhood!

  21. The very thought of canned ramen makes me want to barf. Hopefully, my five year old daughter will never learn of this product’s existence.


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