Hello Kitty Samurai Warrior

Anyone that lives in Hello Kitty Hell knows that Hello Kitty is more than happy to place her image on virtually anything. So it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that the evil feline would also like everyone to believe that she has been around forever (or at the very least, hundreds of years) because that is the only explanation for the Hello Kitty samurai warrior:

Hello Kitty samurai

While one may be able to argue that this is better than the
Hello Kitty Afro Samurai tattoo, it’s one of the disturbing Hello Kitty trends in Japan — Hello Kittify anything regional or historical and make it “cute.”

Of course, my wife loves this because it gives her mounds more Hello Kitty crap to add to her collection (and our house), but it only makes me want to take a Hello Kitty samurai sword and mercifully end my life. Unfortunately, I have to resist because that would mean being buried under a Hello Kitty tombstone which would mean Hello Kitty Hell for eternity…

Sent in by Dawna (via kiyoshi.be) who should be forced to commit seppuku to atone for the terrible mistake of thinking that sending me this photo could ever be a good idea…

18 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Samurai Warrior”

  1. What exactly is wrong with the trend of making things cute? That is what people want. If people think that Samurai warriors are cute, they will want to know more about them and learn more about the history of them. Hello Kitty is promoting the study of history and events of the Japanese culture so more people are interested in them. If Hello Kitty didn’t help, then nobody would be interested in this boring stuff.

    It is becoming really repetitive how you take all the good things that Hello Kitty is doing and try to make them appear to be bad. Everyone can see through your jaded view and lies to see the truth and it proves that you know nothing about the love and happiness Hello Kitty brings to everyone.

  2. it kind of cute, if they have a pludhie of one I would buy it, but again should it be Dear Daniel or Badtz Maru?

    Yep, if you meet your demise, not only a hello Kitty tomb stone. I would put your pink Hello Kitty coffin on a spit so you can spin in your grave against the Kitty for all eternity.

    I wave my Hello Kitty Katana in your direction

  3. I only have 3 things to say here:
    1: Ancient warriors aren’t and should never be “cute”.
    2: Mr. HKH, you must have the patience of a saint to deal with all that HK crap that surrounds you.
    3: Can it darlene.

  4. I have throwing knives, can i use them please?

    And why HK a samurai? One of the most noble of warriors? Sheesh, they’d all commit hari kari after that

  5. Darlene when HK is dressed as a hooker in the red light district does that mean she is showing her love??? Or that she is wanting to teach everyone about sex education? Or with the HK vibrator is HK showing how to love oneself??

  6. samurai are cool, deadly, and interesting, plus they’re on the test. Therefor one learns about them.
    HK is cute (with in reason), fluffy, little girlie, and writing HK as the answer on your history test is likely to lead to a confrontation with your principal/teacher/school psychologist.
    In case anyone takes Darlene seriously. She apparently cannot read anyone else’s comments.

  7. yeah cuz Darlene isn’t repetetive enough in her same rant over and over and over and over and over and you get the point

  8. I’m starting to think that darlene is Mr. HKH because the way they talk is way to similar. There is a limit to one’s insanity. If he posts on both sides shows how great of writing skill he has. I’ll just list the possibilities who darlene might be.

    -Mr. HKH
    -Mr. HKH’s wife
    -Or an actual over the top insane HK fanatic.

    Anywho, I think samurai HK is just to much… Especially for someone like me that is a Japanese Warfare fanatic. >.<

  9. Lol, I didnt read your comment yet Kiroshi, my eye fell on ‘Or an actual over the top insane HK fanatic’ I actually screamed ‘DARLENEE’.

    Then I read your comment and I made a noise like ‘Ghehe, hehe.. he…’

    My dad had a ‘WTF’-face when I screamed that AND asked me like 5 minutes almost non-stop who Darlene is.

    Samurai = Violence.
    Hello Kitty Samurai -> Violence -> Blood -> Evil -> FACT.

  10. Nice to see my own photo here, thanks for the link to my flickr, I appreciate that ^^

    Actually, this shopping arcade was full of hello kitty in all kinds of costumes, for promoting Japan’s olympic team at the time. Most of them were picturing some olympic discipline, so I guess Japanese think being a samurai is also an ancient greek sport :p

  11. I can’t see nothing wrong in turning Samurai warriors into something cute. I gave my sister a Hello Kitty Samurai phone strap on her birthday she loves all things Samurai.


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