Hello Kitty Demonstration March

There are a huge number of truly scary things that I come across living in Hello Kitty Hell, but a mob of men in lighted pink tutus marching down the street holding giant Hello Kitty heads certainly ranks near the top:

Hello Kitty demonstration march

(video addition via Mari in the comments)

When Armageddon comes, I have absolutely no doubt that this is what we’ll see marching at the front of the procession…

Sent in by denise who really should have to march around will all these guys in a similar outfit for the rest of the year for ever thinking that sending me a photo like this would be a positive thing…

31 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Demonstration March”

  1. … Wow… that is… gay.. shouldn’t the cops be wearing pink uniforms with Hello Kitty heads plastered on them too?

  2. The banner says “Asians Friends” and “Houston”. There is the Texas flag inside the upside down triangle. Gay Asians on a pride march?

  3. At first I wondered what in the name of God they thought would justify a protest like this, and then it occurred to me. They’re all trying to force Mr. HKH to tell them where to buy all the HK crap he keeps talking about.

    AS. IF.

  4. > Theyโ€™re all trying to force Mr. HKH to tell them where to buy all the HK crap he keeps talking about.

    That’s a scary thought.
    Run for your life, Mr. HKH.

  5. Seriously, what is wrong with you? Hello Kitty accepts all people for who they are and helps them with her love and happiness. They want everyone to have the same wonderful feeling that they do. Are you against the spread of love and happiness? Probably. It would figure.

  6. Darlene that was a short rant? You ok honey?

    And some od those guys really should not wear skirts, they ain’t got the knees for it.

  7. Wow you jsut overwelmed my gaydar It too gay Sir!.

    Kitty I seen worst at gay pride, how about drag queen races or a nude bike ride.

    MR. HKH I send my condolences in your direction.

  8. Okay. I always agree with Mr. HKH about the insanity of the kitty’s franchise- but this, I see nothing wrong with. I’d have to pull a Darlene here and say that is a good use of Hello Kitty: the promotion of equal rights and acceptance. This is good- it may be the only good thing the cat has done, but it’s good.
    I’m dissapointed in those who call this “gay” in a negative way. I’d say these men are incredibly brave to dress up like this and fight for equality.

  9. OK, I agree with everything you say, HKH, and I love your site, but this video still makes me happy. In an ironic, post-modern kind of way. Almost completely ironic.

  10. That is adorable. “Run, run briskly!” Made my day. ๐Ÿ™‚ If you can’t run around giggling madly in a pink tutu and glowsticks what can you do?

  11. @Darlene: Please answer this question for me.

    If Hello Kitty brings Love and Happiness, then why would it be for Mr. HKH a Hell? Why doesnt he and lots of other people dont like her/it?

    Don’t anwser with ‘because he is a horrible person’ or anything like that, because Hello Kitty made him like how he is. Aka, HK HATER. I actually do think that he may never have liked HK, but there are many of them (including me, though I dont actually HATE it). And if you get those people only the things they dont like, they simply start to HATE them.

    Just think about that, and if you feel so, answer the question. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. wow, I have to say it is incredibly ironic that these men are doing something so immasculating and yet so brave. Not only are they challenging male roles, but they are also showing Gay and Asian pride in Texas. Who says Gay men aren’t tough? bravo.

  13. Wow… just wow. I’m not quite sure what these men are trying to prove, but it caught my attention.

    And to Darlene; yes I am Darlene, yes-I-am. XD


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