Hello Kitty Cat Fur Bow Revenge

Hello Kitty fanatics don’t often think about this, but there can be a price to pay when you dress your pets in Hello Kitty outfits. It doesn’t take a genius to see that many of the cats who are dressed in Hello Kitty look like they will seek unspeakable revenge on their owner as soon as the chance presents itself. Usually we never get to see if this revenge is completed, but here is a photo of Jeanne (who made her cat wear a Hello Kitty bow out of her own fur) a few days later:

Hello Kitty cat fur bow revenge

As you can see, Jeanne’s cat made sure that not only was she to lose all of her hair, but would also have to wear the Hello Kitty cat hair bow to repent for her previous Hello Kitty inspired crimes. This should serve as warning that if you abuse your pets with Hello Kitty wear of any type, they will get their revenge when the opportunity makes itself available. Maybe I should take a look at their playbook to form my own revenge for having to live in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Jeanne who claims that she tried to explain to her cat that “the chemotherapy made me do it” — but not even that excuse would stop the cat from seeking justified revenge…

24 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Cat Fur Bow Revenge”

  1. What is wrong with you?! How dare you say the cat did that to her because she dressed it with a Hello Kitty bow. The cat had nothing to do with it! It was from the chemo she was going through. How dare you try to blame that on Hello Kitty, especially since the cat was proud and happy to be associated with Hello Kitty. Pets want to share Hello Kitty’s love just as much as people.

    I think you owe us all a big apology for this huge lie that you have told trying to make Hello Kitty look bad. It’s disgraceful. The cat shared her hair bow to make the woman feel better. Did you ever think of that? Of course not because you have no idea about what Hello Kitty is really all about!

    • Gosh, where is your brain?
      Not only that you are stupid enough to think the man here really does think the cat was clever enough to do so (this is a satiric site after all), no,
      you were dumb enough to think the ca DOES have feelings for that Hello Kitty Stuff? WhatΒ΄s wrong eith you?

  2. Just to point out by the way-not to worry anyone or anything but if this is the sort of revenge a wee moggy can take then what might Hello Kitty, a ubiquitous and all-encompassing cat do to her detractors? Could be any day now. She is probably just biding her time..

  3. lolol – i’d forgotten how Darlene is πŸ™‚ (i’ve been sick, not reading my favourite blogs like this one)

    Of course, yes *nods and backs away* cats always attack people having chemo – my own parents when sick with cancer couldn’t walk down the street without the local cats trying to rend them limb from limb. *snigger*

    And indeed, when my late father left the hospital once, we barely made it with our lives into a taxi, when a Maine Coon (as big as a spaniel) decided we should die.

    All chemo patients are of course warned, by their doctors, to have their cats put down before they start their course. *nod nod* Or risk injury, maiming, decapitation, or WORSE πŸ˜›

  4. @darlene
    Hello Kitty bow? That bow was made of the cats fur. Pets want to share HK happiness? Pets don’t give a damn bout HK. Its also a proven fact most pets HATE clothing that the owners put on them. Share the hair bow with the owner? That’s like laughing at a bald person for having no hair. And get real, what HK is really about, I’ll tell you, NOTHING.

  5. @darlene

    From all those cat dressing up or bow’d to Hello Kittyness, they never look happy =/

    I do hope the lady in the pic is alright. Lesson learned. Even for me O_O

  6. @Darlene: The expression on the cats face kinda proves that, no, pets do not wish to share in the “hapiness” of hello kitty.
    Incidentally, I have seen one of my friends, a hello kitty obsessive, try and put a kitty bow on her cat.
    The cat struggled and ran away. I can tell, that cat really LOVES hello kitty.

  7. A whole year later and i’m still alive as well as my HK look alike Persian, Miss Melly! HKH kept my sense of humor intact while doing the Chemo shuffle. Thank you for the “kind and get well ” wishes.


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