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I should have learned by now that it’s never a good idea to make a random comment about something I want since I live in Hello Kitty Hell. I have been doing more traveling lately which has had me thinking that I really need to buy a netbook so I don’t have to haul around my clunky laptop where ever I go. I mentioned this to my wife who took it upon herself to research and inform me of the Hello Kitty netbooks out there that would be perfect for me and which she wants to buy for me as a gift:

hello kitty netbook

hello kitty netbook black

While my wife likes the Medion S1211 (shown above) which comes in both black and white, the one she really thinks that I need is the Hello Kitty Sotec netbook:

hello kitty netbook sotec

There must be something in the Hello Kitty fanatic brain that just doesn’t get the fact that grown men with Hello Kitty gadgets is not only creepy to anyone that sees them, but also greatly increases the chances that they will be spending the night in jail. It certainly looks like I may be facing this unfortunate situation in the near future if my wife has her way — just one more tragedy waiting to become reality in Hello Kitty Hell…

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  1. Looks nice
    But I do not care for netbooks, too under powered for me.

    I used my Hello Kitty decked out laptop in your direction

  2. Does anyone know just how much those HK decals cost? I’m thinking at least $50, which is stupid money for a decal!

    @Acton, a netbook running Linux has all the power you need for viewing webpages other than film footage, e-mail and WP. I’d need something more powerful, but that’s specifically for footage and gaming work.

  3. Though I do agree that this is, as an understatement, another factor of Hell on Earth, think about it. If that netbook or any of the other creepy HK stuff sends you to jail, at least the jail cell will be a step up from Hello Kitty Hell, in my opinion, anyway.
    And though it would surely land you on the couch, it would be a shame if the netbook were to, say, be dropped and stepped upon. Such a shame.

  4. hmmm lets see if I can predict the upcoming mindless rant…… you should be happy if your wife decides to buy you such a gift as a netbook blah blah blah you have no true apreciation of the drawing ooops meant to say Hello Kitty blah blah blah acts like a 4 year old but not quite as mature blah blah blah blah blah

  5. bleargh. i dont like either option. TheEngineer and i are both running EeePC netbooks and are pretty happy with them. add in an external dvd-rom and the setup is pretty complete for us…we’ve had these machines about a year and a half and so far so good.

  6. A chisel should take care of any decals and other associated decoration….

    Just point out you want to choose your own netbook as you don’t actually like HK. HK is her thing not yours, so you don’t really want a HK netbook. This will get you several nights in the sleeping bag of hell, but its worth it to avoid several years with a HK netbook.

    Time to start putting your foot down about this.

  7. The reason that people are creeped out and you might land in jail has nothing to do with the Hello Kitty netbook, but everything to do with your personality. Anyone that reads this blog knows that you are a habitual liar and deserve to be in jail for all the lies and bad things you have said about Hello Kitty. Maybe if you were put there, you would have a new appreciation of the love and happiness she brings to everyone except you and think long and hard about telling those lies again.

    You know that you are the only person that wouldn’t want a Hello Kitty netbook, don’t you? They are totally cute and would make everyone around you smile when you used it. That is why they are so popular and why Hello Kitty is so popular.

    I think that you are afraid because you know that if you got one of these, you would begin to like Hello Kitty and this blog would then have been a complete waste of all your time. Did you ever think of that?

  8. I will let Mr. HRH weigh in.
    Stickers doesn’t cost much, raised stickers are 1.95 and ones form Hot Topic cost $4.50

    @ Kitteh!! I thought Net book have a problem handling video and do they com with DVD playback?

  9. So I have a solution for you, I think. It will require subterfuge on your part, however.

    If your wife surprises you with the netbook, buy one of those neoprene sleeves for it. Tell her it is to protect Hello Kitty…or better yet, mention them and maybe she’ll think of it herself. Even if you end up with a clear or clear-ish one, you can scrape it to obscure the image. Then simply leave it on the net for 5 minutes without any sort of firewall or antivirus, and claim you had to blow the OS out (and, coincidentally, the hello kitty desktop) to restore it to working order.

  10. Hi Darlene,

    I also would not like a Hello Kitty anything. So there are at least two of us. And I don’t think it’s the Y chromosome either, because my girlfriend wouldn’t want Hello Kitty. We tend towards wood, antiques, victoriana (I’m partial to the Gothic revival, myself), old books, and orchids. You know — things for adults rather than little kids.

  11. something darlene doesn’t understand, and has shown through a lot of blogs where Mr. HKH has told us about things his wife wants to get for him, is that it’s cruel and selfish to give someone something they do not want, particularly if it’s something you yourself would rather use or if you just want to be able to watch the person use it.

    darlene: let’s say for example that you had a significant other who LOVED professional wrestling: lives, breathes, sleeps, eats, drinks, wears only WWE clothes, everything they own is somehow WWE. and they love you and you love them, but you hate professional wrestling. how would you feel if, even though you’ve been honest with your S. O. and very often and very gently told them how much you hate wrestling, they insisted on getting you WWE gifts? if you decided you needed a new cellphone, and they bought you a WWE-decorated phone with a ringtone that’s StoneCold’s voice (i haven’t known anything about pro-wrestling in almost ten years) that you had to use so that your S. O. wouldn’t start a fight? [i assume you’ll make the argument that HK actually promotes peace but WWE is just violence. i don’t like wrestling but it was the most perfectly flipped example i could think of.]

    what if your S. O. truly believed the WWE was the key to world peace, and you loved them enough to put up with this obsession and support them as a person? sure, you would let them have their own things WWE and such, but would you really want your own personal items to have to be WWE instead of Hello Kitty? if not, then i don’t see why you think that anyone should be required to be grateful for having someone shove that something they hate into every part of their life.

  12. @Acton; that’s what I was saying. Netbooks, EeePCs and the like don’t have the processor power to run video playback and Windoze Bloatware V9.00 (aka Vista, if I’ve counted right).

    @Matthew, wooden-cased PCs have been done before. Use a fire-retardent marine plywood and give it a go!

    @ Suzanne. Major kudos for a well-reasoned argument for Darlene. It’s just too bad that she either won’t read it, or won’t pay any attention to it if she does.

  13. darlene, hun, these aren’t lies he’s telling, he’s voicing his opinion…
    the netbook wouldn’t make people around him smile, i think. i think it’d make them laugh. i can’t imagine a grown man with a hk netbook even I would be embarrased to carry around without laughing.

    did you ever think of that?

  14. “There must be something in the Hello Kitty fanatic brain that just doesn’t get the fact that grown men with Hello Kitty gadgets is not only creepy to anyone that sees them, but also greatly increases the chances that they will be spending the night in jail. ”

    I run around with a pink Hello Kitty pack and a large Hello Kitty plush in my tuck in public. I have not been stopped by the police. Event through I do worry about the police want to stop by and have a chat, or mistaken for as somebody that is gay.
    I would not worry if you have to carry around a Hell Kitty gadget with you.
    PS. large band, political, promotional or sport stickers can do wonders on a Hello Kitty Net book.

  15. Uh, Acton?
    No offense, but I thought you actually were gay… o.O
    Again… no offense. I have nothing against homosexual people, I, myself, am bi, just so that’s clear to everyone…

    (Don’t bash me)

  16. @mabbii
    LOL: none taken, Some time ago I passed by the venue for a drag queen review, I might have disappointed a few guys 😉
    Then there is a good friend who is gay in the furry community always accusing me being closet gay, democrat and liberal. (inside humor)

    Being relentlessly harassed as a kid and as an adult, I developed a strong sense of individualism and eccentricity. If society says men can not collect and find enjoyment in Hello Kitty things or carry a pink Hello Kitty Backpack I will do in as way to say I will not conform and express my self in a unique way. Changing my beading to Hello Kitty and sleeping with large Hello Kitty Plushies plus one Mine Mouse and one Dot Wagner (goal: different one for each night) was a deliberate exercise of my eccentricity. Yet at the same time adamantly say I am to part of a trend or fetish IE. age regression or adult babies. My only exception is being part of the furry subculture.

  17. The netbook is cool. However, it’s still kind of not appropriate for any guy.

    I’d personally buy a solid colored one and then stick Kuromi on it. She can kick My Melody and HK’s butt any day!

  18. @acton
    Wow.. you rock..

    Yeah.. I’ve been.. harrassed too for being different, and nowadays I’m what people around here like to call emo. Well.. used to be, now I’m just the weird punk-ish kid.. and i quite like it if i may say so…
    People harrass my little brother too, for being different, you kind of remind me of him actually

  19. ps.
    ” Yet at the same time adamantly say I am to part of a trend or fetish IE. age regression or adult babies. My only exception is being part of the furry subculture.”
    shold be
    “Yet at the same time adamantly say I am Not part of a trend or fetish IE. age regression or adult babies. My only exception is being part of the furry subculture.”

  20. oh dear god, i really wanted this laptop, and ive been saving up for it for like a year, but your website has kinda scared me off, what if theis laptop makes me wanna buy anything else with HK on? ive just realised how much HK stuff i have.. not that much, but enough.. =/ =/


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