Hello Kitty Angel Devil Tattoo

I know that Hello Kitty Hell has moved to an entirely new level when Hello Kitty fanatics not only want to get their tattoos on this blog, but are willing to get me in trouble with my wife to do it. There is really no other way to explain this Hello Kitty angel and devil tattoo photo:


I don’t know why I continue to torture myself and actually open the Hello Kitty emails sent to me. I guess there is always the faint hope that the submission will actually bring a smile to my face rather than fill me with horror. So when this email arrived, I opened it and my wife walked into the room a few seconds later:

wife: “What are you looking at?” eyebrows raised in a way that tells me I shouldn’t be looking at it.

me: “It’s a photo sent to me of a Hello Kitty tattoo” I say thinking this will be the end of it (yeah, right — stupid me)

wife: Eyebrows now raised more than ever. “That’s a Hello Kitty tattoo?” she asks with sarcasm dripping from every word.

me: “Yes, look here. See. Right here. A Hello Kitty angel tattoo and a Hello Kitty devil tattoo” I say pointing in the general direction of the two tattoos.

wife: “….”

me “No really. Look. Look closely. See, right there” I say, pointing directly at them hoping this will somehow help stop things from going from bad to worse, but in doing so — quite unfortunately — placing my pointing finger directly on both breasts in the photo (you try pointing out those tattoos and not do the same thing). “This was sent to me to show off the two Hello Kitty tattoos…”

wife: Arms now folded, eyebrow in the highest arch possible, with a slight tapping of the foot thrown in for effect: “….”

me: Realising that I’m trapped no matter what I say and trying to turn the tables: “I thought you said that if it is Hello Kitty, then it’s OK” I say and then instantly regret doing so…

wife: Both eyebrows now arched (I didn’t know this was possible) with foot tapping harder and more impatiently: “….”

me: Accepting the inevitable, I walk to the closet to get the Hello Kitty sleeping bag to spend the night on the couch…

Sent in by Kayla who deserves unthinkable punishment beyond her Hello Kitty tattoos for imagining that sending me this photo would not only be a good idea, but also not get me in serious trouble with my wife…

41 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Angel Devil Tattoo”

  1. First post ^^
    You’ve had to do it so many times that, your wife doesn’t need to tell you to sleep on the sofa. =/ It’s become sorta of reflex now huh?

  2. Our Mr. HKH,
    we knew thee well.
    Well, not really, but still.

    Ugh, I feel sorry for you, man. But maybe now you know for the future to point from above or maybe from the sides? Would that even work?
    You need a manlyman care package.

  3. You can barely even see the tattoos.

    Your wife has every right to be angry with you if you are staring at this photo because the Hello Kitty tattoos are not easy to see so that means that you are looking at other things. You pretended to be supporting Hello Kitty so you could look at a girl in underwear. Any woman would be mad at this and you got exactly what you deserved.

  4. I clearly saw the tattoos. You’d have to be legally blind to not see them.
    Darlene, just please stop talking. You are the most insensitive and insincere person I’ve ever come across. And god forbid he like, looks at a picture without immediately knowing what it is. So basically what you’re saying is that he deserves his wife being angry with him because he’s not completely omnipotent?

  5. I have to agree with Kitteh… somebody feed that girl, even the kitties are starving.

    and Darlene, he runs a blog for heavens sake where people send him pics of hello kitty stuff in the email, how is he supposed to know what it is before he opens it? does he have a kitty sense similar to a spidey sense?

  6. I am new here; but please do let me say that Mr. HKH rocks the boat like a rowdy pirate, and that I find darlene to be as a constant a source of entertainment as Mr. HKH himself. Do please keep talking, darlene. You provide one of my most consistent daily delights!

    Long live Hello Kitty — she gives me many giggles.

  7. @Meryat, Darlene used to be funny, but after 2 years of the same delusional 1-note rants which ignore everything anyone else might have posted, she’s got more than a little wearing.

  8. You were set up so bad, Law & Order will be basing an episode on you next season.

    This girl knew what she was doing…if you really wanted to show off the tats, a close up would suffice…you could even still get face & boobies in there. This, my friend, was designed to screw you w/ a HK vibrator.

  9. My sympathies ๐Ÿ™ I’ve been reading for a while, and there must be a you-shaped lump on the couch from sleeping there so much.

    I’d love to see a tatt of Hello Kitty giving viewers the finger. Maybe I’ll sharpie it on. I don’t mind Hello Kitty, but the only merch I’d buy now would maybe be the AK47.

  10. @Kitteh!!, I think that’s darlene’s schtick. Of course I haven’t been exposed to it every day for two years, so I’m not tired of it yet. I still find it satirical and amusing. My Mileage Will Vary… ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I think she used to be a very skinny man… I’m sure Mr. HKH was not looking at the face, just the fake boobs… and the tattoos, which are unable to be proven to be angels or devils, thank you.

  12. @ Gail, she is far too skinny. I can see 5 or 6 ribs around the airbags, and the shape of her pelvic bone. Neither of these should be possible in a woman who is a healthy weight for her height.

    @ Lynn, well done tattoos on the right woman can be hot.

    @ Dee, I see where you’re coming from. I didn’t look at the face either; my eyes were drawn to the xylophone effect rincage, then to the pelvic bone, real horrorshow.

  13. There are a LOT more private places where Hello Kitty can end up as a tattoo & given the state of things its ONLY going to get a LOT worse, she needs to get a grip & live in the real world!

  14. The tatoos are ok, the girl with them is great, but your wife’s reaction gets her a top spot if she is running for “Mayor of Crazytown…”

  15. Hey, don’t blame Mr. HK, he didn’t look up “teen hooker showing off with HK tats”.

    In case no one can tell, this peeves me.

  16. โ€œteen hooker showing off with HK tatsโ€.- Interesting, comment about a woman who is obviously at LEAST 25, & shows just how frigid & repressed some people can be! In Europe the beaches are topless, but then again, some women are so frigid they are uncomfortable in anything but a Burkha & want to enforce their frigidness & narrow mindedness on others. NO WONDER the Taliban have lasted so long! :^)

  17. @Harold Clark

    Fyi, I only recently became a legal adult. I just think she could have done a better picture that THAT. But “teen hooker” may have been harsh, I agree…

  18. I also have a Hello Kitty angel and a Hello Kitty devil tattooed on me. They’re on my back, on my shoulders and they’re ADORABLE. <3

  19. i lik the tats on the sholder.
    my house holds a bitch so i cant get a tat yet, but i was thinkin about gettin them in the same spot if i join playboy. so um chate wth me later other hellokitty fan and send me a comment on myspace.

    oh and this is jacolbybyharris’s friend so ask 4 friend
    n wat ur gonna see is a pic of the dud n thats him so by xoxoxoxoxoxx hk

  20. 1. Yall need to get a life
    2. This is me and someone else took it off myspace and posted it here.
    3. I dont have implants but thank you
    4. Im 20 years old and in no way anorexic

    Im sorry Mr. HKH I did not intend to get you in trouble with your wife:(


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