Hello Kitty Goodbye Kitty

I’ll admit it. There have been more than a few occasions where I have wished a horrific demise of the evil feline. It seems that I’m not the only one:

Hello Kitty Goodbye Kitty nail gun

hello kitty goodbye kitty helicopter

Hello Kitty Goodbye Kitty

Hello Kitty Goodbye Kitty parachute

Yes, unlike the Hello Kitty fanatics out there, I do realise that Hello Kitty is a fictional character that does not feel pain, but that still doesn’t stop me from finding extreme joy imagining that some of these drawings could happen. Sometimes that is the only hope left when you live in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by A.L. Parrott (via facebook), for whom I will gladly buy a beer if our paths should ever cross…

29 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Goodbye Kitty”

  1. LOL. 😀

    As Indiana says, most excellent cartoons, and as Mr HKH says, have a virtual beer on me (and a real one if we ever meet)!

  2. What’s better is that the feline’s seriously creepy lack of facial emotions makes these look accidental and therefore all the more painful for her. All that’s missing is a kitchen knife incident, the don’t-go-in-there kind of thing you see in cliche horror films, maybe something involving arsenic*…
    I hope to eventually see more from this person. Good stuff.

    *This reminds me, I’ve yet to see HK involve herself with anything involving the mentally diseased. I think she discriminates. Not that I condone HK mental hospitals or straitjackets or, uh, ECT machines. Just saying.

  3. Oh the cruelty, so this is the mind of hello Kitty Hell. (don’t worry I can take a joke)

    May you be stuck in Hello Kitty’s world in the afterlife. I send you all hello kitty’s love, commercialism and cuteness in your direction as I hug all my Hello y Kitty plushies.

  4. uh oh. you’re going to hear from darlene, which in her mind is a fate worse than death for you. and she and others who love the peaceful, loving cartoon will wish you horrible pains and slow death.

    hey, you should get a nailgun, wait until your wife isn’t home, print up a couple pictures of HK and work on your aim in your backyard.

  5. i’m a hello kitty fan, but this is so damn hilarious!!! especially the helicopter and nailgun XD
    Darlene’s gonna flip!!

  6. What is wrong with you?!? I guess that you feel superior and manly making something that everyone loves die. What kind of sick person would do something like this?

    I don’t think that Sanrio will appreciate this and you are going to find yourself in a lot of trouble. They won’t tolerate this. When they know about this, you will have to explain your self to the police.

  7. The comment above is proof of something that I won’t spend time on…I’ll just whip out my sense of humor and laugh…and it’s true, laughter cures NEARLY everything ( Sanrio, trouble and the police ? Now that’s original ! )

  8. A.L. Parrott Mr. HKH BFF.

    He is obsessed as Mr. HKH

    The drawings are funny still why kill the poor kitty.

    in protest I wear Hello Kitty underwear for a month.

  9. Okay. A few things to say.
    1. These pictures are epic. Love the first one especially.
    2. I hope Kitty don’t have a parachute in the chopper, so if she doesn’t go up she’ll fall to her death.
    3. Darlene, get lost.

  10. 2. I hope Kitty don’t have a parachute in the chopper, so if she doesn’t go up she’ll fall to her death.

    I like to think that image 4 directly follows image 2 chronologically.

  11. darlene, wake up: no matter how much you love the cat, not everyone else does. and no one has to like it for any reason. it’s the same with EVERY OTHER CARTOON CHARACTER.

  12. if any of you knew what hello kitty is and what she looks like you would be able to tell that these are just some bootleg copies made by some guy probably living in his car.

  13. Thanks for the writeup, HKH. Glad to see that many of you get the joke.

    Darlene, I’m sorry, but as traffic to my site (and this one) attests, not everybody loves HK. I’m one of those who don’t. As of yet, Sanrio has not sent ninja lawyers to slam their briefcases on my fingers, and my agent is working hard to make sure they don’t. I’m sure sometime in the future there will be a whole aisle of Borders Books you’ll avoid because of my cartoon collections. Do you like My Little Pony? I draw her into some of these cartoons too =)

    Kittyluv, I don’t live in a car, sorry. I live in Afghanistan and people shoot at me every day. A lot. So when I get some down time, I draw these cartoons. It helps me mark time until I can go home and live in my car in America.

    For everyone else, thank you for the kind comments, and please be generous when the hat is passed.

  14. @ Kittyluv, actually the artist is a career 20 year-soldier currently in Afghanistan, with some time on his hands, a very active imagination and looking to relieve the stress of living in a combat zone for a year. The living in a car is just wishful thinking on your part.

  15. @ Darlene

    Just what law would he be breaking exactly? I’m fairly sure it’s not illegal to draw satirical material of another person’s cartoon creation so long as you are not PROFITING from it. Which I’m sure he’s not, monetarily. Psychologically, though, hell yes, it’s brilliant, and I feel richer now!

  16. @Darlene
    1- not everyone loves hello kitty, this guy proves that
    2- you’re retarded, you cant be arrested for hating a cartoon character.
    3- The only trouble he gets is probably people like you who are SO BLIND, They put al their faint in a cartoon character, who
    Had a torture/repe/murder named after them
    lends her face to vibrators…
    Makes people WOUND THEMSELVES just for the sake of some disgusting face on their body.
    Make people abuse their husbands.
    Makes silly little retards post on a hello kitty HELL blog, actually THINKING they would get in trouble for JUSTICE.
    Also, hello kitty has no mouth.
    With now mouth, she cant eat. ((yet apparently doesn’t starve)) She cant talk ((Feminists HATE this, thinking its cute, and represents women shouldnt speak)) But if she could, she would say “Darlene, get a life. I only have nine, and i’m not lending them out to cretins like you”

  17. Cute, but in terms of the concept it’s an awful lot like Suicide Bunnies. I’m not calling it a rip-off, just that it’s not terribly original.

  18. Love the Alien one. It’s one of my favorite horror movies! My mind took it to the next stage with the full grown alien exploding out of Hello Kitty’s stomach! AWESOME!!!!


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