Hello Kitty Eyes

What is it about Hello Kitty and eyes? Hello Kitty contact lenses are one of the most disturbing (and that is saying a lot considering the amount of disturbing this blog produces) items I have come across, so artwork depicting the evil feline as eyes just makes Hello Kitty creepier than she already is (which again, is saying a lot considering how creepy she is without doing a thing).

Hello Kitty eyes

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Hello Kitty Three Apples Art

Even though it is quite clear that Hello Kitty and art don’t mix, that doesn’t stop the evil feline from trying to be a part of the art world. Apparently Sanrio is throwing a Hello Kitty art show called Three Apples at the Royal/T Cafe in the Los Angeles area from Oct 23 to Nov 15 in honor of Hello Kitty turning 35 years old and they have released a sneak peek at what is going to be there:

Hello Kitty Yosuke Ueno art

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Hello Kitty Demon

I would much prefer to not get anything Hello Kitty emailed to me, but if it is going to happen, artwork that shows the true side of the evil feline is much better than the sickly sweet stuff that makes up most of what crosses my path. I would have to say the Hello Kitty demon is one of those pieces of artwork that shows what’s really under that “cute” exterior:

Hello Kitty Demon

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Hello Kitty Suicide Art Series

While I would much rather not have anything Hello Kitty end up in my email, that is an impossibility when you live in Hello Kitty Hell. Part of the daily torture is waking up each day to see Hello Kitty in all her evilness sent in by too many people with far too much extra time on their hands.

That being said, not all Hello Kitty emails are equal. If I had to choose the Hello Kitty crap sent to me (and let’s face it, if Hello Kitty is on it, is should be considered crap), I would much prefer emails such as the Hello Kitty suicide art series:


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Hello Kitty Nude Drawing (NSFW — or your sanity)

Sometimes there just aren’t words… (the art image may not be safe for work and it is definitely not safe for your mind or future sanity — I seriously advise that you click away now, go to some other site and enjoy the entertainment that they provide, because if you choose to reject my words, the image is going to haunt you for the rest of the day, week, month and year. You have been warned…)

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