Hello Kitty Sandwich

I hate it when Hello Kitty photos ends up in my email box, but they always take on a bit more severity when that photo is of Hello Kitty food. Case in point, the Hello Kitty sandwich:

Hello Kitty sandwich

Now many people that do not live in Hello Kitty Hell are looking at this and saying to themselves that on the scale of Hello Kitty Hellishness, there is far worse Hello Kitty crap that has appeared on this blog. What they fail to understand is that it’s often these seemingly benign images of the evil feline that wreak the most damage.

My wife loves this idea of a Hello Kitty sandwich and that is always a bad sign of what is to come. While those of you viewing this blog only have to see this one photo, it has now been ordained by the evil feline that this is exactly what will be staring back at me for the next month when I go to eat my lunch. Just one more thing to deepen the depths of Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by tanya (via Funky Lunch) who should be forced to eat Hello Kitty sandwiches for the rest of the year as her only nutrition as punishment for ever thinking that sending something like this to me would produce anything positive…

Update: Not surprisingly, some of the other Hello Kitty fanatics had to try and make my life even more of a Hello Kitty Hell and send me their own versions:

Hello Kitty sandwich

Sent in by alissa

Hello Kitty fried egg lunch sandwich

Sent in by Carla

32 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Sandwich”

  1. Have you ever considered making your own lunch?

    I have a 5 year old daughter and may make this for her lunch at some point. She likes Hello Kitty, but I could not call her a fanatic. She seems perfectly happy with the few kitty items she already owns.

  2. Well, my 5 yo daughter just got a HK lunchbox, and I think this would be the perfect sandwich for her first day of Kindergarten. My husband thought it was cute. Then again, my husband isn’t innundated with a nonstop barrage of HK licensed merchandise.

  3. I know what I’m making for supper tonight..

    My three year old will looooove this!
    Afterward she’ll brush her teeth with her hello kitty toothbrush and then fall asleep clutching her hello kitty plushie.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Jeez, maybe it’s the fact that the demonic creators of HK are Japanese making my thoughts jump this way, but I thought it was an HK-shaped California roll or something at first …
    Uh-oh … Hope none of the fanatics heard that suggestion of HK sushi … You might see a whole bento box full of little kitty faces if they can find a skilled roller!

  5. If you hate Hello Kitty items then why don’t you sell all your wife’s Hello Kitty items on eBay before she can even get the chance to beat whoever’s greatful job it is to load these onto a truck? I’d be glad to buy some of that stuff.

  6. Hey, think about it. You get to gnaw on HK’s face until she disappears.
    At least hope it has a good taste, though I imagine the feline automatically degrades even the most amazing sandwiches. It’s a shame.
    This is a day of mourning for all sandwich lovers like myself.

  7. Hana has the right idea. I thought eating Hello Kitty is a little sadistic – it’s like the people that make cakes that look like human babies for baby showers. It’s very creepy.

  8. It could be worst it could be a Pankunchi sandwich. There something about anthropomorphized food that creeps me out.
    I make a Hello Kitty Ham on Rye in your direction

  9. Honestly, I feel REALLY sorry for the people here who hide behind their screen names and say how ‘evil’ a mouthless cartoon character is because some pathetic guy who hates Hello Kitty so much he won’t take control and sell the hello kitty items. Just because there are a lot of items that have Hello Kitty on them doesn’t mean she’s ‘evil.’

  10. Ever notice how the most vitriolic hatred, derision and plain mean-spiritedness (by volume) flows not from Mr. HKH, nor from the anti-kitty commentators but from the committed HK fans who come and read this blog? How precisely do you, kittyluv, justify your actions to your inanimate feline mistress every night?

    To the HK fans out there: just for fun, Google, “I hate Mickey Mouse”, and see what comes up… Now do the same thing for “I hate Hello Kitty”. Wonder why there are so many more websites dedicated to dislike for the cat?

    Y’see, before he became a cash cow, Mickey Mouse was merely a fictional character, the star of hundreds of cartoons. Before she became a cash cow, Hello kitty was… Nothing. Hello kitty started as a logo with no agenda, no desire for peace and happiness… Hello kitty was a cute drawing to put on products in a crass commercial move to corner the market for cute crap. Don’t believe me? Google for the history of Hello Kitty…

    Does it make you feel any different knowing that you are obsessed over the Japanese equivalent of Tony the Tiger?

    (The only difference being that Tony sells something specific…)

  11. That’s..
    why would you want to eat what appears to be watermelon rind on your sandwich just to make it cute? I could do better with far more tasty things.

  12. Great Kids meal & congrats on having such a HOT and RICH wife as those are the ONLY 2 reasons why ANYONE would put up with THAT much “Hello Kitty” in their life. Your wife seems to be as much into Hello Kitty as Foster Brooks & Jim Bacchus were into booze! if it makes her happy, its great, but there is such a thing as MODERATION……..

  13. The only thing I can think of when I look at this if you make this often. The best thing to do is to save the parts you cut off to make a bread pudding.

  14. yuck. Though I guess you could cut up the sandwhich, and eat it like some kind f dinosaur, ripping the evil feline whisker from eyeball in a flurry of crumbs and dead kitty.


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