Hello Kitty Bee Hive

There is something about animals that know when they have been wronged. Just take a look at these cats and you know they are going to be seeking revenge on their owner the first chance that they get. So anyone that thought it would be a good idea to build a Hello Kitty bee hive should have known that the bees would revolt:

Hello Kitty bee hive

Hello Kitty bee hive with bees

Here’s the story:

I first noticed this change (to our Hello Kitty bee hive)about two or three weeks ago when I was going about the normal routine of changing out the sugar water feeder. The hive has now settled down to a normal routine of going through one or two pints of sugar water per day. They never gave me trouble for the simple act of picking up an empty jar and returning with a full jar a few minutes later.

That was — until the other day. When I completed the quite normal task of retrieving the empty pint jar I suddenly found myself in a cloud of angry buggers, angrily buzzing around my head. But that’s not all.

One of them landed directly on my temple and stung me. I was shocked as I coughed and ran from the hive at the same time — doing my best to avoid the bees who were flying after me. This had simply never happened before. I had been stung a couple of times for the act of removing burr comb buildup from inside the hive — but that’s normal. The bees thought we were destroying their home — and reacted in a way that insects will react to intruders: defend the hive.

But in this case? I wasn’t attacking. I was merely retrieving the sugar water jar from the feeder at the base of the hive as I’d done daily all summer long. They had never bothered me before. Why now?

The answer is simple. You’re making the bees live in a freaking pink Hello Kitty bee hive and they figured it out. It would make anybody angry and want to swarm. Of course, as anyone that would think it was a good idea to build a Hello Kitty bee hive in the first place, they try to rationalize the new found aggressiveness of the bees to something else.

My wife, on the other hand, thinks the Hello Kitty bee hive is a great idea. Although she didn’t come right out and say it, it’s as though she thinks that bees kept in a Hello Kitty hive will produce a garden full of Hello Kitty flowers, or somehow turn the surrounding fields into Hello Kitty. One more thing to worry about (for me and the bees) in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by marybeth (via Sacramento Gardening – warning, music will start playing so turn down your sound) who deserves to have swarms of Hello Kitty hived bees swarm her as punishment for ever giving my wife the idea of something a sinister as a Hello Kitty bee hive…

17 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Bee Hive”

  1. Yeah, the bees have sussed that their home has been HKified, and are defending the hive against the HKifiers!

    Next year, expect that hive to swarm several times!

  2. You have no idea what you are talking about. The bees swarm because they are protecting Hello Kitty and they don’t want anyone to come near her or take her away.

    The way you explain it, if the bees didn’t like Hello Kitty, they should leave the hive. Are they? No. That means there is something they want to protect which is Hello Kitty. You never make any sense when you write and everyone can see that you are too biased to be trusted.

  3. Oh, darlene, I’ve missed you! Thank you for brightening my day; you’re such a riot. I especially liked your last comment, “…too biased to be trusted.” Whee!

  4. Thank you for mentioning our recent problem with the Hello Kitty Hive — and for putting the link to the Blog down. I went from 3500 visitors to nearly 12,000 in the space of one day. Now, that’s shameless self-promotion. You’ve earned yourself a free jar of Hello Kitty Hive Honey next year.

  5. MR HKH much ado about nothing agian.
    Its just a box paint pink. I do not think bees care about what color it is.

    I spread Hello Kitty Hive Honey on my Hello Kitty Toast in your direction.

  6. Darlene’s back. *RUNS FOR THE HILLS*

    Nah, In all seriousness, it looks ugly. But then again, it’s full of bees so it’s ugly and full of bees. How cool.

  7. All I can say is that poor bees.
    Hives are meant to be as natural as possible to keep them happy and healthy. Natural wood with natural wood colors.
    Bright pink with a cat on it is not natural.
    The sides are coated with horrible paint.
    This would stop airflow and confuse bees on their colors and probably will affect their honey production.
    *has studied beekeeping in school*
    Poor bees.

  8. lol bees do not care that their home is faaaaaabulous (or not, in anyones opinion)
    anyway, all the bees are girls so they’d love it! 😀


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