Hello Kitty Steampunk

In her never ending quest to be a part of absolutely everything that exists, Hello Kitty has decided to morph into steampunk form:

Hello Kitty steampunk

This shouldn’t really come as a surprise. Steampunk used to celebrate functional mechanical cleverness, but over time has turned into some sort of costume game which is all about decoration. There is no doubt that the evil feline is all about uselessly decorating her face on everything, so the eventual combination of the two should have been predictable. Still, the Hello Kittification of anything is never a step in the right direction.

Of course, my wife thinks that it’s wonderful. Her response was to dreamily declare that “artwork always is that much better when Hello Kitty is included” and thinks that what our house now really needs is a Hello Kitty artwork collection. That declaration by her was definitely one more step down the path to the farthest depths of Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Jeff (via hakubaikou) who should be forced to incorporate Hello Kitty into all of this mechanical tinkering in the future as punishment for ever thinking that sending this — and giving my wife the horrendous idea of a Hello Kitty art collection — would be a good idea…

24 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Steampunk”

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  2. After seeing the comments about the latest DragonCon, it seems that steampunk has changed from being about interesting mechanical things, that actually do something, to a fashion genre, adopted by teens. Apparently Steampunk is the new Goth.

  3. Actually that comes from an art site, and someone came up with this as part of an art jam challenge to combine steampunk with something that definitely ISN’T, something that has no business going anywhere near steampunk.

    I am beginning to hope you exaggerate at least part of what you post here. When one partner is unceasingly filling the entire house with stuff the other partner detests, with (from what we can see) little if any regard for the other’s discomfort, something’s gotta give.

  4. You have no concept of why people love Hello Kitty. When will you understand that all people like to combine Hello Kitty with their other loves because it makes it cuter and more popular.

    Unless you understand Hello Kitty, you can never understand art because the two go together. All artist want to incorporate Hello Kitty to make their art have more appeal and to attract a wider audience. Until you accept this, stop making stupid commentary.

  5. ah yes see I knew darlene would return like I said before she’s just like herpes gone for a bit and then when you least expect it BAM flare up!!!

  6. Please don’t tell me you’re starting to fall to her evil sway, Mr HKH. When I read a line like “There is no doubt that the evil feline is all about uselessly decorating her face on everything…” it makes me start fearing you’re considering her decorative, useless or not.

  7. Darlene, it’s simple. Some people like Hello Kitty, some people don’t.

    HKH man obviously doesn’t like Hello Kitty, and by practically forcing and attempting to cajole him into liking Hello Kitty is basically close to bullying. And if what you say is true, (e.g. Hello Kitty is warm and wonderful and happy and perfect), then she will NOT approve of bullying.

    Besides, without HKH, you would have nowhere to spread your so-called ‘beliefs’, so honestly, telling him to stop won’t do you any good at all.

    Your comments used to be entertaining, but now they’re just plain childish. Grow up, hun.

  8. Darlene, art isn’t always about ‘being cute’. Sometimes it can be about making a statement… and that statement doesn’t have to be ‘cute’. Sometimes, Hello Kitty is acutally NOT compatibale with some art then, right? If you don’t understand this, perhaps you shouldn’t tell Mr. HKH that he doesn’t understand art.

    Also, Darlene, you are clearly a troll who doesn’t believe what you are saying, since no person could possibly be as ridiculous as you. Still I respond to your comment, why?

  9. I agree it cuite looks like somigh out of teh nw movie 9.

    @ Jeff
    As Steam punks as goes Anime fandom as goes Furry fandom. It seems something with today’s self-centered self-absorbed teens of the twitter generation to look at fandom not as enjoyment of a culture art, or media but an exclusive clique to hang out with their buds.

    PS. The Hello Kitty looks like something that belongs in the movie 9.

    I hug this kitty in your direction MR. HKH

  10. Well damn. I hope Hello Kitty didn’t scar your opinion of classic steampunk for life. The old kind of steampunk was awesome. Today’s steampunk is just overrun with wannabes, so I guess Hello Kitty would fit right in.

  11. why must hello kitty ruin everything I love? First Vash, then lolita… now steampunk?! wtf! ;A; I fear Hello Kitty is a sign of the apocalypse….

  12. neither darlene nor the blogmaster’s “wife” exist. he made them up to make his blog more interesting. i’m not complaining though, it is interesting.

  13. I always kind of hope that darlene is the blogmaster. That would be pretty hip. And I think steampunk Kitty is so postmodern, it goes around the corner and back to groovy. But I don’t have children or a wife tormenting me with HK, so I’m not forced to hate her (it?).

  14. Hello Kitty ruins everything cool in this world, doesn’t she? I love steampunk stuff. And she killed it for me. Thanks a lot you dumb cat.

  15. SteamPunk is a victorian era filled with gadgets and gears invented to run on water. I really like the style of the machinery and inventions that people make.

  16. I actually find this pretty cute. :3 Excuse. me if I sound poseurish, but I happen to love it when HK goes Lolita, Goth, Decora ect, ect. Even this ‘Steampunk’ peice, even though I don’t see the Steampunk in it. I mean, gears aren’t the only part of Steampunk.. right?


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