Hello Kitty Soda Can Necklaces

Hello Kitty, not satisfied to have Hello Kitty body shaped drinks, wants to have her face on all the popular soda drinks as well. While I’m sure that the people at Sanrio are looking into ways to actually create a Hello Kitty Coke and a Hello Kitty Pepsi, until that can be worked out they have decided to simply stamp the evil feline’s face onto the popular soda cans and make necklaces out of them:

Hello Kitty Red Bull necklace

Hello Kitty Dr Pepper necklace

Hello Kitty Welches Strawberry necklace

Hello Kitty Go Girl necklace

Hello Kitty Arizona Green Tea

Hello Kitty Pepsi necklace

Hello Kitty Coca Cola necklace

Hello Kitty Diet Pepsi necklace

Hello Kitty Diet Coke necklace

Of course, my wife absolutely loves them. She was squealing (in that high pitch tone that only Hello Kitty fanatics seem able to reach when they see Hello Kitty) around the house for an hour telling me how cute and wonderful they are, her plans of buying every style made and how she can’t wait to get them. I, on the other hand, am already tormented by them. Now every soda that I see instantly produces an image of Hello Kitty staring back at me. The Hello Kitty Hell hole once again gets a little deeper…

Sent in by lolalola (via Funky Recycling) who deserves to have these stamped and plated onto her body as punishment for thinking it was a good idea to send them to me and ensuring that I will never be able to enjoy another soda again as long as I live…

Update: To my wife’s delight (and my torment), these are now being made in Hello Kitty monster versions:

hello kitty blue monster

hello kitty green monster

hello kitty red monster

47 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Soda Can Necklaces”

  1. DARLENE: Before you say ANYTHING, please, please, please, rehearse your words and see if they sound rational.
    I will copy and paste my rant to you from the ‘Steampunk’ post.

    Darlene, it’s simple. Some people like Hello Kitty, some people don’t.

    HKH man obviously doesn’t like Hello Kitty, and by practically forcing and attempting to cajole him into liking Hello Kitty is basically close to bullying. And if what you say is true, (e.g. Hello Kitty is warm and wonderful and happy and perfect), then she will NOT approve of bullying.

    Besides, without HKH, you would have nowhere to spread your so-called ‘beliefs’, so honestly, telling him to stop won’t do you any good at all.

    Your comments used to be entertaining, but now they’re just plain childish. Grow up, hun.

  2. You know, I have no interest in Hello Kitty. I’ve never even thought about her ever in my life. I like the blog because I have a dark side — I get a kick out of creative hatred. But all that said, these are awfully cute.

  3. NOOOOO!!!! not my red bull and soda!

    it’s official. there’s nothing else to draw from this. there really is no god if this is allowed to happen.

  4. Squeeee! I beat Darlene to commenting.

    Is there nothing that Sanrio will leave alone? Next there will be HK douches…oh wait…never mind…they already exist.

    *comences rocking back and forth muttering ‘can’t sleep, the Kitty will eat me, can’t sleep the Kitty will eat me’*

  5. Hi, everyone! I should confess straight away: I am a Hello Kitty Fanatic. I should go to Hello Kitty Anonymous. My poor husband is living in Hello Kitty Hell right now! He’s just lucky that I don’t go totally nuts and decorate the entire house with the stuff (though I may do the bathroom – since we have 2 bathrooms, he can just do his business in the other one!)

    That being said – I think this blog is hilariously funny! And it gives other hello kitty fanatics places to find new HK stuff! I think these are adorable – I really like the Welch’s one, Go Girl one, and green tea one – sorry HKH blogger guy. But hey – it could always be worse!

  6. Hey, those look pretty cute. I want one.

    That’s probably the only hello kitty thing I think isn’t too commercialised and over the top.

    I want one. 😀

  7. So you have something against the environment and upcycling as well? Hello Kitty is all about helping the planet and making the world a better place to live and you think this is a bad thing? Figures!

    Hello Kitty is helping to make something that is trash into something cute and lovable that everyone can enjoy and you think this is a bad thing? No wonder none of your writing makes any sense to us.

    And here’s something that I think it is interesting. You used the word tormented. Did you know that you can only be tormented by the things that you love? Think about that Mr Hello Kitty Hell.

  8. Darlene~
    Here is the dictionary.com definition of torment…There’s absolutely nothing in the verb or noun form that says you can only be tormented by things that you love:

    tor?ment??/v. t?r?m?nt, ?t?rm?nt; n. ?t?rm?nt/
    –verb (used with object) 1. to afflict with great bodily or mental suffering; pain: to be tormented with violent headaches.
    2. to worry or annoy excessively: to torment one with questions.
    3. to throw into commotion; stir up; disturb.

    –noun 4. a state of great bodily or mental suffering; agony; misery.
    5. something that causes great bodily or mental pain or suffering.
    6. a source of much trouble, worry, or annoyance.
    7. an instrument of torture, as the rack or the thumbscrew.
    8. the infliction of torture by means of such an instrument or the torture so inflicted.

  9. I think Darlene has a point.
    You guys just love drama so you keep going against her, and when she was gone, you missed her.
    you guys are weird.
    stop hating

  10. i bought the mtn dew one for seven bucks off etsy, freaking adorable and i’m addicted to mtn dew so it fit. you’ve got to admit, it’s a creative idea.

  11. ok, first, I want one of those
    and second, darlene needs a CAT scan and MRI to check her brain for any kittyfied problems like oh say a hello kitty shaped tumor…

  12. Wow, save for the Hello Kitty design, the idea of a soda can pendant is really cool. Too bad they couldn’t have made a less evil design…

  13. (high-pitched-squealy-voice*)
    OMG!!! that is SUCH a good idea!
    only 5$? I can’t wait!!! i’m going to collect them all!!!
    (evil laugh*)^

  14. Hey there Kitty Hellions! I am the creator of the above kitties! First, yes there is a drink called Go Girl…it is a pink and delicious energy drink! Funky junq comes in all shapes and sizes…not just kitties…so hate on!!

  15. LOL! I think this is pretty funny. I read the site on a daily bases and even though I like hello kitty, still somethings are just too much.

    Keep up the good work, Mr. hello kitty hell guy. At least your site is completely interesting…

    then again i just think
    Darlene is completely jealous of all the fame you get for hating hello kitty.

  16. Darlene unquestionably loves Hello Kitty, so I fur one, i try never miss out drinking of her wisdom….hopefully I can get some drinking straws tew match Kitty’s aluminum colorfull-metal instamped mouth-hole ^_^

  17. if I had to pick from any of these I’d pick the red monster one, it looks like hk was dipped in tar and then someone slashed her across the face! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  18. Hello Kitty isn’t the one making these, so SHE is not the one to credit for the ‘earth saving, upcycling’ that is seen here.

    They are cut using a die from a paper crafting die cut machine called a Sizzix. I have that same die and one with Hello Kitty on a beach towel. 🙂 I have cut soda cans for other projects, but I think I now need to cut out some of my HK dies! My daughter will be ecstatic!!

  19. Well, if i were you, id just stop being a f-ing baby and get over the fact that other people like the things that you dont, i mean how old are you? 3? thats what i thought, you act like your three, so yeah, F-off the Hk,


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