Hello Kitty Picket Fence

For most people that want a home, the dream is to have a little house with a white picket fence. The Hello Kitty fanatic, on the other hand, has a dream (and a nightmare to their partners) of a Hello Kitty house with pink Hello Kitty picket fence.

Hello Kitty picket fence

Combine that with Hello Kitty shrubs, and the house made out of Hello Kitty bricks and you pretty much have put together what most people would consider the scariest house imaginable. The fact that the thought of this house brings giggles and a dreamy smile to my wife’s face leaves no doubt that Hello Kitty Hell will only get worse…

Sent in by samantha who should have to live in a house behind one of these fences (which would certainly indicate to everyone that it is quarantine zone to stay as far away as possible for your own health) as punishment for sending this to me and giving a preview of what my not too distant future life is likely to look like…

24 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Picket Fence”

  1. The only one that needs to be quarantined is you and your stupid opinions that make no sense at all!

    You just don’t get it, do you? This is what every woman dreams of coming home to! A cute house that everyone in the neighborhood wants as their own. Even after a long day at work, all you can do is smile if you came home and saw this fence waiting to greet you.

    Hello Kitty brings happiness and joy and that is what everyone wants in their home. Except for you that has to complain about everything with no basis to complain at all. Stop commenting and just show the photos so we don’t have to listen to your skewed view that nobody believes or wants to hear.

  2. Darlene?
    I’m a woman, and I definitely do not dream of coming home to such a monstrosity.

    And have you ever thought that your views might be skewed and nobody wants to hear them?

  3. that fence is cute
    I agree with Darlene that would make my day, but I know it would ruin my boyfriends and I wouldnt do that to him. I would definitly love to have this if I was living in a house full of women.

    p.s. people do want to know Darlenes thoughts.
    they actually wait for them.

  4. “Stop commenting and just show the photos”?
    Are you serious?
    THIS IS HIS BLOG. He can say whatever the Hell he wants here, you intrusive fruitcake. The very fact he hasn’t blocked you already shows what a nice guy he is, so you just need to either deal with your damage, lady, or find some other, Hello Kitty-*positive* site that is more to your taste. Heaven knows, the internet is full of them.

  5. It appears that Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel have been beheaded and stuck on the gate posts to serve as a warning to others. For this reason, I approve.

  6. Uh-oh. I’m beginning to fear that I’m a secret (even to myself) Hello Kitty fan: although I obviously feel this is an inappropriate gate for an adult’s house, I do think it would be almost unbearable sweet on a dollhouse or child-sized playhouse.

    With this, as with the past few Hello Kitty Hell items, I think the main question is context: for an adult, weird; for a kid or ironically or in moderation, the Evil Feline does have a slight aesthetic appeal…

  7. Are you sure this isn’t some kind of “Sanrioland” where every single thing inside and out is HK themed, not to live in God forbid, but as an advertising showcase for HK’s most fanatic fans?

    “Kitty’s House”?? Hello Kitty actually lives there? That sounds like one of Darlene’s Demented Delusions.

  8. There is a Woman in Waxahatchee Texas who has talked her partner into replicating the Munsters Mansion, (it even has its own Munster Mansion website as they open it to the public on halloween) She also has a replica of their car, the furniture inside is also faithfully duplicated, right down to a Robotic Spot under the staircase, & the coffin based Phone booth in the hall. As a guy I would have NO problems coming home to the Munster mansion, and sleep very soundly especially as the woman in question also bears a HUGE resemblance physically to Marylin Munster, & still looks pretty good dressed as lilly.
    YET if I were to go home to the Hello Kitty house, I would wake up screaming every night and be plagued by nausea & Nightmares!!!!

  9. @DARLENE you should start a blog “hello kitty heaven”
    no kidding, you’re always around here defending the kitten , you would do a better job if you could anwser in your own weblog!

    of course i’m going to hell because i just sugested a way to a hello kitty zealot to spread her word of evilness into the world , …… but well i’m i nice guy…

  10. Oh that is ridiculously adorable! I would LOVE a hello Kitty Gate… but not sure ANYONE else I was living with would… haha I love the idea of this blog & look forward to following more of your posts! I think the thing I most relate to is that I have put past boyfriends, current boyfriend & most of my friends through Hello Kitty Hell as well 🙂 So you are not alone! (Obviously)

    Keep up the great posts… hope you survive!


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