Hello Kitty Worst of and Weekly Photo Dump

I received the following question in my email the other day:

What are the worst Hello Kitty products out there?

“Everything?” would be my immediate response. That being said, many of the things that I personally find horrifying never seemed to raise much of a ruckus among the readers here and the Hello Kitty fanatics — well, let’s not even go there. I guess my life has become so Hello Kittified that I have a hard time distinguishing between Hello Kitty bad, Hello Kitty worse and Hello Kitty worst. So here’s a challenge/question – what are the top three worst Hello Kitty items I have listed on this blog (yes, I know there are a number of items even worse that I have not listed, but I try to keep this blog semi family safe) and why do you think so?

I’m hoping that some of you will be able to put together a rational explanation that I can give to my wife to show her that some of this crap is downright crazy — all while not getting me sent to the couch in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag for the rest of the month. Yeah, I know. It isn’t going to work, but I have found that deluding myself that there is hope of one day escaping from Hello Kitty Hell makes the Hello Kitty toast and coffee go down easier in the morning…

Here’s this week’s Hello Kitty photo dump:

Hello Kitty DragonCon Pasties Nightmare
Hello Kitty Birthday Party
Hello Kitty Minivan
Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Laptop
Hello Kitty Robot
Hello Kitty Bed
Hello Kitty Rain Boots
Hello Kitty Knife
Hello Kitty Pink Room
Hello Kitty Cutting Board
Hello Kitty Mascot Costumes

And a few photo post updates:

Hello Kitty Bra Shop
Hello Kitty Anime
Hello Kitty Bar
Hello Kitty sandwich

22 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Worst of and Weekly Photo Dump”

  1. What a stupid question. Everyone knows that there is nothing that is bad about the Hello Kitty stuff that Sanrio makes. You are trying to make Hello Kitty sound bad by assuming there is something wrong with her even though there isn’t anything bad about her. It’s a loaded question to try and trick people to your side, but we can see right through it.

    The only bad stuff is stuff made by Hello Kitty haters trying to deceive people about what Hello Kitty is really like. It’s like God and the Devil and the haters can’t defeat the love of Hello Kitty no matter how hard they try just like the Devil can’t defeat God.

  2. Hmm, Darlene has a point – Hello Kitty isn’t inherently bad or evil, it’s just the sheer quantity of HK stuff that’s overwhelming. Normal people own one or two items and can easily hide them away, but fanatics are – well, fanatics. You’re unlikely to point to a particular Hello Kitty product and say that that’s the cause of your torment.

  3. To leejh: Darnit, that means I no longer fall under the category of being normal 🙁 I knew I should have seen this coming.

    Darlene I think is a fanatic, which is entirely her own right to be so, however when she starts referring to HK as a real person with real feelings or comparing HK to god, I think you’ve crossed the line from fanatic to, well, obsessed really. Granted I don’t know her, I’m new since yesterday but having spent time reading through this blog (highly entertaining and amusing btw) her comments pop up rather frequently, so you get a general idea of what her stance is.

    I’m bored right now, that’s why I’m once again browsing this blog. It keeps me entertained. Hoping hubby never finds this link, he’d be on here comparing notes with HKH man for warning signs, making sure I never put him in the same place. 😉

  4. I can help you Mr HKH only DragonCon is outrageous.
    I would tell you wife there noting wrong and plead not to send you to the Hello Kitty sleeping bag.

  5. I enjoy giggling at your blog and while I agree some HK stuff is very peculiar, some can be sweet.
    however one thing adds a certain note of hilarity, when you say Hello Kitty Pasties you show ladies boobies with nipple covers, to any Brit a Pastie is a pastry envelope full of mixed meat and potatoes! The Cornish Pastie is justifyably world famous but what do you call it then?The welsh version is made with a mixture of corned beef and mashed potato and onions.
    I look forward to someone adding a HK shaped Pastie to the ranks of HKH food stuffs and will tell my husband to look at your “pasties” which i presume comes from ‘ paste on nipple covers’ it is a bit of a mouthfull!! and glitter would grate on the teeth…..

  6. Ok, your question is tricky, you know there’s not only one type of hello kitty badness, everything that can resembler a the evil feline is inerently evil, theres also the bad taste , category, the bad for children category and the bad for yourself category…

    i find personally of real bad taste the hello kitty tattoes and bodmods – people burn and cut themselves to bear the feline that just show how evil it is!

    in the list , the hello kitty knife must be the worst one, its evilness dripping, or maybe the robot!

    I guess the worst sittuation would be, being attacked by the hello kitty robot with the hello kitty knife in the day of your hello kitty birthday party, the you run away to the street and are runned over by the hello kitty van! that would be a bad day… or at least a bad dream…

  7. Okay, ignoring the HK is really evil or not debate, the three worst items, I think, were the Hello Kitty Moe, because it just looks all pedo-ish and stuff, not even regular anime is that bad, the Hello Kitty Men’s Underwear, because they’re overly tacky and look like they should belong on eunichs, and the Hello Kitty Knife, because it just scares me.

  8. “It’s a loaded question to try and trick people to your side, but we can see right through it.”

    Darlene, who the hell is “we”?
    Open your narrow mind just a tad and see that nearly everyone who who visits the blog enjoys it. And see how I use “nearly”? For I, unlike you, will not assume that “everyone” agrees with me.

    Darlene, I am declaring war with you, you narrow-minded Hello Kitty worshipping, blind to other’s comments, sycophantic, repetitive, presumptious, arrogant wretch.

    Those of you who find Darlene’s comments amusing, sorry, but she is ruining the blog experience.

  9. Darn, only three?

    Here’s what I think are the WORST Hello Kitty products (and for the record, I am a huge Hello kitty fan, but even I know when too much is TOO F-ING MUCH):

    -Every HK pastie ever made. These just DO not need to exist. A man doesn’t want to see them in the bedroom. That means the only way they’ll be seen is out in public, and no one needs that.
    -The guns
    -The HK MAC male model.

    I would have put all the stupid people who accidentally got Mimmy tattoos instead of HK since they’re dumb enough to permanently put something incorrect on their body; but since those aren’t really HK in the first place, I didn’t think it counted :p

  10. @Darlene: Who’s we?

    Anyway, I would say the worst items are…

    -Hello kitty nude drawing. ((Ew, Im sorry to bring it up to you again, fans, but it had to be done for reference))

    -Hello kitty mascot/sexy lingire picture thing. Seriously, wtf.

    -Helllo kitty pasties. I repeat. wtf.

    -Hello kitty banana case . why?

    -That hello kitty pet wrapping thing. ((that puts a hello kitty face thing and bow on your pet)) That is just sheer animal cruelty, other tha the nude drawing, id say its the worst. ((And noting this one, so your wife doesnt argue “Oh, but those arent OFFICIAL SANRIO items.)) As this one, I beleive, is.

    Does anyone remember that HK skin meter? lol.

  11. Worst thing, absolutely, was the “sexy” Hello Kitty face on the model in lingerie. That was like HK-disturbing, uncanny valley disturbing, and furry-disturbing all at once.

  12. Ok, number one was the HK Jesus tattoo. One of my friends was walking by when I had in on my screen and went, “Hello Damnation!” I laughed till I had tears in my eyes. But technically Sanrio didn’t make that.

    That bed from this week’s photo dump scared the hell out of me. I’m pretty sure some kind of evil was spawned from that nest of hideousness.

    Three is a toss up between the weapons and the Goth/S&M/black leather costume HK. I really can’t tell which is worse. One makes me want to go out and use the other so…

  13. i guess the we darlene is saying is she and all her hello kitty toy, or maybe her hello kitty imaginary friends, or even her multiple personalities of which more then one is a kind of hello kitty hybrid!

  14. . . .ok well i have to say that. . .the hello kitty sex stuff is highly disturbing. ok not just highly disturbing. EXTREMELY DISTURBING. O.o;


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