Hello Kitty Tongue Tattoo

I guess the Hello Kitty tongue stud and the Hello Kitty lip tattoo weren’t the only oral fixations the evil feline has when branding herself on others. Apparently it’s also important for her to exist as a Hello Kitty tongue tattoo:

Hello Kitty tongue tattoo

I’m sure that Hello Kitty fanatics have a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why someone would want to do this which makes perfect sense to them, and I’m also sure that this same explanation will be completely incomprehensible to me and anyone else with common sense. Maybe it was someone that wanted Hello Kitty inside her and this was the best she could do or that there is some hidden meaning in putting Hello Kitty into your own mouth since she doesn’t have one on her own. All I know is that it’s a disturbing Hello Kitty trend that I’m praying my wife finds no interest in pursuing or Hello Kitty Hell will definitely be taken down to an entirely new level…

Sent in by bonnietrey who should have to get a Hello Kitty tongue tattoo as punishment for ever thinking for an instant this would be something that should be sent to me…

Update: Was there any doubt that more than one person would do this?

hello kitty tongue tattoo

Sent in by Riin

26 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Tongue Tattoo”

  1. Now that is just not right. Although it does look like she’d just scraped the design into that white crud you get on your tongue, rather than had it tattooed for real. That would hurt like hell.

  2. Geez louise, it’s not permanent. It’s edible ink on edible paper and it disappears as soon as you swallow.

    A huge hit at the office, they were 😉

  3. Yow, that must have hurt unless it was a temp tattoo…
    There’s a Sheriff out west that puts guys in the jails in Pink underwear…I think putting HK on them would be even better !

  4. The perfectly reasonable explanation is that you are clueless and have no idea about anything that relates to Hello Kitty. A person gets a Hello Kitty tattoo because it represents how she feels. It represents love and happiness. Who are you to judge where that person decides to place it?

    I think that you are jealous because you don’t have anything in your life that makes you happy. Maybe that is why you are so bitter. Hello Kitty can change that bitterness, but you have to see the love first and stop trying to make her sound bad when everyone already knows she isn’t.


    and hay Tim, HK has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with lesbian lifestyle choice. Really. My gf would refuse to let me touch her ever if I get that. NOP.

  6. i think this is fake cause i bought some hello kitty tongue tattoo transfers which you just push on your tongue with the exact same picture lol. like sugar paper.

  7. I’m not for any minute condoning a hello kitty obsession, but I really can’t see any problem in tattooing lips and tongues they will very rarely be seen unless the person chooses to show them. It’s just another step on the “what can be tattooed?” i’m not sure about tongues but lips don’t really hurt to get tattooed and i can’t imagine them to be too different


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