Hello Kitty Three Apples Art

Even though it is quite clear that Hello Kitty and art don’t mix, that doesn’t stop the evil feline from trying to be a part of the art world. Apparently Sanrio is throwing a Hello Kitty art show called Three Apples at the Royal/T Cafe in the Los Angeles area from Oct 23 to Nov 15 in honor of Hello Kitty turning 35 years old and they have released a sneak peek at what is going to be there:

Hello Kitty Yosuke Ueno art

Hello Kitty Jeremyville art

Hello Kitty Colin Christian art

Hello Kitty Amanda Visell art

Hello Kitty Nate Frizzell art

Hello Kitty Melissa Haslam art

Hello Kitty Luke Chueh art

This sneak peek would have any sane person refusing to step foot anywhere in California, let alone Los Angeles, during the art run. Since my wife is a Hello Kitty fanatic, however, her instinct is to want to attend the event which usually means dragging me in tow much like this.

The only saving grace I have at the moment is there may be a schedule conflict that will save me from the insufferable pain of having to attend this event. If you see a tall man with the look in his eyes that he wants to take any one of the many Hello Kitty guns and annihilate the entire show, then you know my wife managed to get me there and add yet another step to the depths of Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by far too many people who should have to suffer through the Three Apple art event every day during its run as punishment for reminding my wife time and again that this event is quickly approaching…

Update: Not that you really want to see more of this art show (and this is making me want to miss it even more), but some new photos of what will be on display sent in by Julie:

Hello Kitty pyramid painting

Hello Kitty mermaid painting

Hello Kitty river painting

Hello Kitty room painting

24 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Three Apples Art”

  1. Pic 3 – What in the name is HK doing appearing as a typical female pilot in a giant robot anime? My Divergence Eve DVDs will never be the same again!!

    Pic 5- Oh the felinity!!

  2. Hehe.

    Nothing to comment on the art, but I’m wearing my Hello Kitty socks today. They’re the only HK item I own. I feel slightly embarrassed.

  3. Bow, okay, but I still don’t get why anyone would think for one nanosecond that a CAT needs to wear a bonnet with CAT EARS. All that’ll do is impair the poor thing’s hearing.

  4. Shame on you! You appear to be completely afraid of anything new or different. Hello Kitty is helping these people express themselves and it looks like you are the only one who thinks that there is any problem with it. Hello Kitty is beautiful and I don’t see why many creative people would not want to put there own spin on her.
    You should appreciate your wife more! She isn’t as ignorant as you are, and I’m sure you make her go places she doesn’t want to go often, and I can’t think of anything more positive to experience than an arts festival dedicated to Hello Kitty!

  5. as much as we loathe to admit it, hello kitty is a pop culture icon. so it kind of makes sense that shed be the subject of artistic endeavors. but take heed that she is not the only one. im sure there are installations like this for mickey mouse, various superheroes, and even the famed Campbell soup can. so she hasn’t saturated this area…….yet.

  6. In response to the new pics, I like the one with the bass. the idea of a) the bass trying to get away from HK or b) someone throwing HK into a lake strikes me as really funny.

  7. The beautiful woman in the Hello Kitty room painting, explains why many women, including apparently Mr HKH himself, allow their spouses & Girlfriends to go to such extremes, she was attractive enough to draw attention away from all the hello kitty stuff in the room, in Mr HKH’s case it was effective enough that he didnt notice till after the wedding…… lol

    In my case , id say omen that attractive can pull off almost any decor, even a Hello kitty one………
    Even Mrs Addams or Lillly & Marylyn Munster were able to use beauty to get Unconventional Decor & relatives overlooked….. :^)

  8. The HK as a mermaid pic got a grin out of me, and I totally get Friedrich’s point about the woman in the last photo; I had to look twice to see the HK window kingpost.

  9. It’s a shame, the pictures of the leaping bass and the woman in the room are extremely well done… then there’s just that whole Hello Kitty aspect that clutters them up. 🙁


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