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Hello Kitty, as has been well established, is disturbing just being herself. It gets more disturbing when people feel it necessary to write books about her. Then it gets even worse when people get a huge crowd to listen to a lecture about a book about Hello Kitty. Basically, it’s everything that you never wanted to know about the evil feline — don’t bother watching because it’s 30 minutes of your life you can never get back:

I warned you. I basically wanted to slice my head open — and pour my brains out as well — after wasting a half hour of my life watching that, but then again, that’s a far too common feeling when you live in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Danny who should have to spend several hours a day listening to Hello Kitty lectures as punishment for ever thinking that sending this video to me could ever produce something positive…

13 thoughts on “Hello Kitty History Video”

  1. I don’t think the lecture is that bad, it’s kind of like a university course on pop culture. It does feel informative, and it may prove useful in leading to information that counters the factors that make people like HK.

    Mr HKH has every right to dislike everything HK, but seems to do so based on pure instinct. This fits a class 2 Kitty Defiler profile, the Anti-Consumer Critics.

  2. I too found the video informative (although during the second half I did start searching Amazon for HK items, so wasn’t listening as much). It’s good to see that the author has a balanced view of the subject and isn’t obsessive, although at the end he suggests that Hello Kitty might not survive forever – which I really doubt!

  3. I thought this was quite interesting. Frankly, it has crossed my mind to wonder HOW so vapid and banal a nonentity can infect the world like this has. Imagine millions going bonkers to this degree over a Kilroy was Here doodle.

  4. I was eating breakfast and cuddling my puppy so it wasn’t a total waste of time. It was an interesting and informative overview of a successful business operation. I may even read the book.

  5. I didn’t watch it either…I liked it a lot better in old days when the people in the country where “Hello Kitty” was created were more into Elvis and blue jeans !

  6. The video is very interesting especially about brand management. How they avoided the fate of TY and Bennie Babies. I also like Japanese approach to product development on a corporate level compared to US corporation’s attempt to create buzz by committee and marketing.

    The message to you MR HKH is your tirade against Hello Kitty is tilting at windmills at best. She has been going for 35 years and it will take more than a blog to stop her. Enjoy you hell.

  7. All right class, time to get out our Hello Kitty history books.
    Turn to p.g. 272, we’ll be going over Chapter 6 The Economical Hello Kitty Market Crash.


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