Hello Kitty Hell Lecture and Photo Dump

I just received an email from someone that wanted to know if I wanted to give a lecture about Hello Kitty. I’m not sure if I should feel honored by the request or devastated that Hello Kitty Hell has reached such depths…

This past week’s Hello Kitty photo dump before I start crying:

Hello Kitty Digital Scale
Hello Kitty Diamond Sapphire Doll – $150k
Hello Kitty Eye Mask
Hello Kitty MAC Cosmetic Signage
Hello Kitty Pick-Up Truck
Hello Kitty Guitar Hero Wii Guitar Mod
Hello Kitty Louis Vuitton Bong
Hello Kitty “I Kill Suckers” Tattoo
Hello Kitty Longboard Surfboard

Hello Kitty History Video

Hello Kitty, as has been well established, is disturbing just being herself. It gets more disturbing when people feel it necessary to write books about her. Then it gets even worse when people get a huge crowd to listen to a lecture about a book about Hello Kitty. Basically, it’s everything that you never wanted to know about the evil feline — don’t bother watching because it’s 30 minutes of your life you can never get back:

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