Hello Kitty Hell Lecture and Photo Dump

I just received an email from someone that wanted to know if I wanted to give a lecture about Hello Kitty. I’m not sure if I should feel honored by the request or devastated that Hello Kitty Hell has reached such depths…

This past week’s Hello Kitty photo dump before I start crying:

Hello Kitty Digital Scale
Hello Kitty Diamond Sapphire Doll – $150k
Hello Kitty Eye Mask
Hello Kitty MAC Cosmetic Signage
Hello Kitty Pick-Up Truck
Hello Kitty Guitar Hero Wii Guitar Mod
Hello Kitty Louis Vuitton Bong
Hello Kitty “I Kill Suckers” Tattoo
Hello Kitty Longboard Surfboard

5 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Hell Lecture and Photo Dump”

  1. Forst comment! =)

    A lecture, or a rant?
    You should do it, and watch the faces of all the “darlene”‘s out there, mortified by your words, leading us to a kitty free empire!


  2. I cannot imagine you actually agreeing to this – it goes against the whole idea of wanting to see Hello Kitty disappear. Even bad publicity for HK is a form of promotion. Don’t do it!


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