Hello Kitty Grim Reaper

October is the start of the worst three months if you happen to live with a Hello Kitty fanatic. The main issue is that the evil feline has her birthday on November 1 which is like giving the Hello Kitty fanatic vast amounts of crack cocaine every day for the entire month preceding it. Halloween only feeds into the frenzy because the holiday gives the fanatic an excuse to actually dress up as Hello Kitty under the guise of a Halloween costume even though we all know this is what she would prefer to wear on a daily basis. The result is that Halloween pretty much guarantees that Hello Kitty pumpkins are going to be carved and Hello Kitty costumes are coming out of the closet to be worn way too many times. Then when the birthday ends, good old Christmas is just around the corner and all the Hello Kitty gifts the Hello Kitty fanatic imagines she will receive continue to ensure that Hello Kitty Hell will be burning red hot into the New Year.

With this in mind, I’m already mentally preparing myself for the onslaught of Hello Kitty Halloween costumes (and other Hello Kitty
Halloween crap) that are bound to fill my mailbox in the coming weeks. If I’m going to have to see these, let’s at least hope that most of them go for reality and show Hello Kitty for who she really is like this Hello Kitty grim reaper costume:

Hello Kitty grim reaper costume

While I do applaud that the costume outs Hello Kitty’s true intentions, it’s never pleasant to realize that the grim reaper is far scarier than anything you ever imagined as a kid…

Sent in by garth who deserves to have a Halloween full of Hello Kitty as punishment for starting off the Hello Kitty Halloween onslaught much, much too early…

16 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Grim Reaper”

  1. After coming here many times, those evil Hello Kitty stuff are becoming just normal.
    I feel sorry for you for living in Hello Kitty Hell… and without no possible escape from it.
    Somebody in Hollywood should make a movie… after Escape from New York and after Escape from LA, a third saga movie: Escape from Hello Kitty Hell!

  2. I’m almost more disturbed by Grim Reaper Kitty than regular Kitty. Alternate costume could be Nuclear Holocaust Kitty, with glow in the dark material, obviously. Perhaps Kitty as the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse?

    Also, I want to see a Hello (Now F&%k Off and Die!) Kitty vs Garfield showdown.

  3. i just want to say that your observations of Kitty fanatics during October – December are dead on. my fiance empathizes with you. except for him MY birthday is in September so he has to deal with 4 months of it.

  4. Use the scythe, use the scythe.
    Hopefully, this haloween will actually mean the death of hell-o-kitty.
    stab her in the face with a big pointy scythe, we all know we want to.

  5. That grim reaper costume is frightening! It’s amazing how innocent Hello Kitty can look, but how scary she truly is. Hope your holiday isn’t too Hello Kitty-heavy.

  6. I am now trying to reconcile this truly hideous image of HK with Death from Discworld, and I just cannot do it.

    I am scared, Scared i tell thee!

  7. OMG, the HK head outline and bow/features need to be made of EL wire to stand out at NIGHT!!!! Floating kitty head of DOOOOM!

  8. This costume shows no imagination at all. Everybody knows that Hello Kitty would lead you away from the grim reaper and help save you. Some people know nothing when Hello Kitty is involved.

    Why do you always pick photos that don’t represent Hello Kitty? You’re so biased it drives me crazy. You should be fair and balanced and tell the truth and you would get more respect. Nobody even pays attention anymore because we all know you can’t be trusted.


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