Hello Kitty 35 Anniversary Video Hell

To celebrate her 35th birthday, the people at Sanrio decided to put together the ultimate 2 and a half minute torture video which will surely be used on terrorist until the UN intercedes and declares it inhumane. Unfortunately, they didn’t intercede quickly enough to save me (or you if you are insane enough to watch it):

Of course, my wife loves this historical perspective (the Hello Kitty toilet paper in our house is arranged by design year) and continues to play this video over and over again while continually asking me to come over and watch as she comments on all the different designs.

All I can say is that I have a new found hatred of dolphins — if that damn 1978 dolphin had not appeared to catch Hello Kitty as she fell from the plane (I actually had high hopes for a second that Hello Kitty wouldn’t make it) and let the evil feline drop into the sea to drown, life would be a lot better in our household. Instead, I get to hear minute details about the history of Hello Kitty design changes which most definitely is Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by nervo who should have to watch this video 24/7 for the rest of the year as punishment to introducing my wife to it and making my life that much more Hello Kitty hellish…

18 thoughts on “Hello Kitty 35 Anniversary Video Hell”

  1. No one would follow through with this site for so long and post so many details if they weren’t in love with Hello Kitty! Cute idea though!

  2. Ha! I am not frickin stupid enough to click that link! i may click other links and just sit there in utter disgust and revulsion at my own naivety, but I have learnt my lesson the hard way.

    That kitty can go to hell in her own juices cos i am off to watch something kinder to the human soul, like badger baiting.

  3. Hey, you’re not alone, I had my hopes up too.

    Actually, it was interesting seeing images from my childhood. Kind of like a sour nostalgia.

  4. WOW! the excessive cuteness cant be turned off once the epileptic seizures start, or the subliminal advertising, which luckily seems to wear off once the seizures subside…..:^)

    Only Pokemon was better at epileptic seizure cartooning…..lol

    Still its FAR less annoying than the Cabbage patch kids, HR Puffinstuff , Platform shoes Disco Leisure suits & other FAR more horrendous Fads of the 1970’s

  5. New to the blog, thought I’d say hello.

    I am astounded how heated the Hello Kitty fanatics are! It’s almost as bad as a political debate online. It’s sad some people cannot fathom how someone might not like their corporate loyalty to Sanrio–as “kawaii” though it may be. I must admit I find Sanrio’s kitsch to be adorable, as any weak-willed former otaku, but I cannot comprehend how crazy it would be live amongst an obsession.

    It is too bad for the reader, that we can’t see some other pieces of your life, but with a cult following like this, I imagine you’d rather not be an internet celebrity…especially with a bunch of nutcases and HK Trolls.

    Your wry sense of humor and depraved misery make an amazing read. It’s awesome how you can sardonically make fun of the situation…otherwise it wouldn’t be bareable. Although hopefully there are other parts of your life you enjoy.

  6. And you actually think he’s telling the truth? You think his WIFE is the one who’s obsessed? Ha! Who’s the fool now?

  7. Hello Kitty has been cute from day one and gotten cuter and cuter through the years! No wonder everybody loves her so much. I played the video 20 times in a row. You can never get enough of it!

    If figures that you hate dolphins. Everyone loves dolphins just like Hello Kitty and this goes to show how out of touch yo8u are with reality. Everyone can see it plain and clear.

  8. Just goes to show, there is no stopping the Kitty. She had been around longer than your blog before the invention of the PC. She will be around long after you are grave yard dead.

    No curses or condolences today, I will let you chew on it while you are tilting Hello Kitty windmills.

  9. wow I SO should have known better than to watch that, I watched it and I can’t un-watch it, I want my 2 1/2 minutes back

  10. Clearly this “Kitty” has been around too long… It needs to go. I have never wanted to own a gun more until I watched that video… 😐 Where are my meds…


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