Hello Kitty Wii

Was there ever really any doubt? Wii had already started to produce official Hello Kitty Wii related items and fans were doing things that just weren’t right with Hello Kitty Wii mods. So I guess it’s not going to be too much longer until I walk home and my Wii controllers and Wii console looks like this…

Hello Kitty Wii

Hello Kitty Wii console

Sent in by patty

Update: Because if you are going to ruin the Wii, you might as well have multiple ways of ruining the controllers:

Hello Kitty Wii controllers

Sent in by Amber

You knew that eventually someone would decide to make a Hello Kitty mod (and you also knew that it would be just as terrible as you imagined it would be).

hello kitty wii mod

Sent in by Kos (via My Mod)

19 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Wii”

  1. OK and hmm why did they do this again??That is just ugly to me. It could of at least been the black HK look! Wait maybe they will make it a Christtmas HK!!!!!

  2. I believe, LeeJH, that the feline has a gap going through its head so that when a person put the disc in, they can fantasize that they’re cutting HK in half.

    At least that’s what I like to think

  3. Ive actually seen this before. Isn’t this a vinyl sticker you put on the Wii, not a HK Wii..?? But then again the vinyl sticker is equally bad..><


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