12 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Smurfs”

  1. How is this infringing? Are there items for sale.NO. Get educated before you make a stupid comment. I bet they are in the USA to make a ignorant statement like that.

  2. @ Gail, this is original artwork, not a product for sale, so copyright doesn’t apply. If Angela were to sell these as a print, then there would be a copyright infringment.

    @ Angela, nicely drawn, but it took me the thick end of a minute to find the HK connection, so maybe a little too subtile?

  3. Just for the record, it doesn’t matter whether or not an item is for sale, or whether there’s any financial dealings involved. It’s still a copyright infringement. The only question would actually be whether this “artwork” copies the Smurfs, or whether it rises to the level of an original expression.

    Although copyright is probably irrelevant to either Hello Kitty or Smurfs. It’s actually trademark infringement.


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