Hello Kitty Dr. Romanelli Internal Organs Figure

One of the many (many, many…) problems with Hello Kitty fanatics is their desire to make everything cute. This includes things that were never meant to be cute such as one’s internal organs. So it’s really no surprise that what is really inside you and what the evil feline wants all to believe is inside you are not quite the same:

Hello Kitty Dr Romanelli internal organs figure

Hello Kitty internal organs

My wife just absolutely adores this collaborative figure from Dr. Romanelli and Medicom and that Hello Kitty has such cute internal organs. I made the mistake of trying to explain the obvious that Hello Kitty really doesn’t have internal organs which elicited a stern warning look that I should not carry on any further. My suggestion that maybe we should start cutting open different Hello Kitty lying around the house (hey, if we have a Hello kitty knife, why not put it to good use?) to see if their internal organs matched this figure didn’t go over too well either as probably should have been expected.

Although I pushed the limit, I did manage to stop before I was sent to the couch to sleep in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag. Sometimes, despite the overwhelming urge not to, even I manage to stop while still ahead in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Zooey (via hypebeast) who should have to dissect all the Hello Kitties she ever comes across as punishment for ever thinking it would be a good idea to send this to me and almost getting me sent to the dreaded Hello Kitty sleeping bag…

28 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Dr. Romanelli Internal Organs Figure”

  1. This seems to suggest that HK is some sort of Borg-like hive organism, since most of the internal organs have eyes. Creepy.

  2. Just plain bizarre. Vapid little faces on her lungs, on her liver, on her kidneys, on her spleen…

    Hmmm, I wonder if her eyes have eyes on them?

  3. personally they all look evil incarnate to me. I can’t get that episode of Angel out of my head where that Doctor used to be able to detach his hands and eys etc and they went wandering off on their own……

  4. well her heads so damn big anyway if she were real she would just tip over constantly, so it makes sense that her organs make no sense, get it

  5. Intestines. You know they make hot dogs out of intestines… yummy. I’ve had stomach before and it’s not half bad (liver is disgusting, though, and solidified blood is only all right). You should roast her up and eat her (=

    then again, maybe a bad idea, because you are what you eat. o_O

  6. “Nurse! The scalpel!”

    Scalpel is hande dover. A few minutesl ater….

    “Nurse! The rib retractors!”

    Two massive big pliers are handed over. A few seconds later

    “What the F***!!!!!!!!!!”

    Several more seconds later.

    “Nurse! The 8 bore now dammit!”

  7. Hello Kitty is as cute on the inside as she is on the outside!!! I’m surprised that her heart isn’t even bigger with all the love that she sends to everyone. You are the only one that could imagine that Hello Kitty would be anything but cute on the inside and outside!

    And you are a sick, sick, sick person for wanting to take a knife and cut open Hello Kitty and see her insides. That is just wrong and cruel. It shows that you are not a nice person and have no understanding of how doing that would hurt legions of Hello Kitty fans.

  8. “And you are a sick, sick, sick person for wanting to take a knife and cut open Hello Kitty and see her insides. That is just wrong and cruel.”

    I have lost all faith in the modern world.

  9. Gigi shut your freaking mouth because it is what its meant to be. You’re all grown ups so you’ll won’t understand its a way to teach children their organs even if their organs don’t have eyes and bows. The eyes and bows are just to make it look cute. I mean haven’t you’ll watch kids cartoon. Even trees and trains have eyes and hats so think about it


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