Hello Kitty Sushi Plush

The fact that Hello Kitty sushi exists is a pretty good damnation of the human race. That the evil feline also encourages fanatics to wear Hello Kitty chopsticks in their hair when she monetises this trend just further proves that all is not right in the world these days.

Hello Kitty sushi roll plush

Sent in by Jessica

Update Mike Mozart reviews Hello Kitty plush for his failtoys Youtube channel:

22 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Sushi Plush”

  1. This is not your typical “take an everyday object and slap a hideously distorted cat face on it.” I have to admit it is a very imaginative product, but that is due to its being completely useless and pointless. It takes a very creative mind to combine the three concepts of food, stuffed animals and an obviously unrelated licensed character image. I cannot think of anything more to say about this item. I give up. I’m off to Oktoberfest tonight. Ein Prosit!!

  2. Anthropomorphized (furry) Animals — Win
    Hello Kitty — Win
    Anthropomorphized Hello Kitty Sushi — FAIL!

    I have a thing against anthropomorphized food; it creeps me out.

  3. Am I truly the only person who is not surprised by this product? They’ve been carrying similar themed items, like this Tare Panda Sushi t-shirt at the local anime store here in Ann Arbor for quite a while. I actually think the KH sushi plush is somewhat amusing, but maybe that’s just because I recently adopted a gorgeous Birman named Sushi 😛


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