Hello Kitty Birthday Party

I hate my birthday. It’s not that I care that I am getting a year older, but the fear each year of what my wife will do to celebrate it. It’s never a pretty sight and no matter how much I protest, she manages to slip the evil feline into the celebration in some way. The truth is that what she would really like to do is throw me a party like this:

Hello Kitty birthday party

Hello Kitty birthday

Hello Kitty birthday cake

Upon seeing these photos, my wife immediately wanted to know why I couldn’t be a better sport about celebrating my birthday and why I insist that it be free of the evil feline. She thinks I should be a better sport and smile like this man.

Of course, she fails to notice the tightly clinched jaw that indicates that someone is about to die if this continues and the tears of shame that are welling in his eyes at the thought of what will happen when these photos hit the Internet — these moments were exactly why Hello Kitty guns were created and you know that any jury would forgive any massacre that occurred.

This, however, does me little good. Now that my wife has proof that another man has smiled his way through the most horrendous torture imaginable, she believes that there is a way to get me to do the same. Did I mention that I hate my birthday?

Sent in by Mickel who has already suffered far more by having to endure these parties than I could ever wish upon him as punishment for giving my wife ideas of what to do for my next birthday by sending the photos to me…

26 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Birthday Party”

  1. there is no way in hell someone would make her man go thru this. If she did, she needs to be locked up!

    I call BS on these pictures. I bet they are staged. ๐Ÿ™‚

    i mean i LOVE hello kitty as much as I love anything else in my life…but even I wouldn’t endure the hat, the decorations, etc for my own birthday!

  2. Wow, im sorry man, i’m sorry.
    Your wife should know you DON’T LIKE HELLO KITTY by now.
    So why does she keep insisting on forcing the evil feline on you?
    I mean, her own cooking utensils, and her home..fair enough, to an extent.
    But why does she expect you to like it, when you make it perfectly clear you don’t? I don’t get that.
    or have you not told her you arent into it?.

    By the way, it’s your birthday. by that logic, you get to do as YOU like for it.
    Sure miss wife. we’ll incorporate hello kitty into my birthday.
    It’s a hello kitty barbecue.
    And trust me, i’m not talking about the grills or cups.
    I’m talking main course ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. As the wife of the HELLO KITTY LOVER, Mickel ๐Ÿ˜› I must say this man really did love BOTH Hello Kitty parties he had for his birthday… he had one at work also hehe. Mickel sports a Hello Kitty backpack to work and collects numerous other HK items. It isn’t always the wifes fault….

    and hey, at least he has something in common with his 6 year old daughter!!

  4. >I call BS on these pictures. I bet they are staged.

    As the person who hung the banner and streamers you can see in the first picture over his cube, I can tell you it isn’t staged. He may have expected something like this, but he had no hand in it and wasn’t around when we decorated. (And he only wore the tiara for the picture.) ๐Ÿ˜› As for the two other pictures, I wasn’ there for those.

  5. Ok, my wife is not the bad guy here…

    Even tho my Hello Kitty fetish started as a joke, she is now kinda starting to grow on me.

    And I did enjoy both birthday parties and all the gifts (Hello Kitty items) and attention I got.

  6. He is terrified. LOL. It was probably an inside joke.

    You’d think by now someone would of figured out your wife likes to tease you. Silly logic. XD

  7. that tiara is really cool!! see, i wanted people to throw a Hello Kitty birthday for me with a cake and streamers but i only got a tablecloth (which was better than nothing).

    happy birthday Mickel!

  8. Looks like he is enjoying him self Mr. HKH

    “Mickel sports a Hello Kitty backpack to work”
    Fellow male Hello Kitty fans amaze me; I thought I was the only one that sported a Hello Kitty Backpack. I do keep a few items at work. I might start taking my back pack to work.

    “Even tho my Hello Kitty fetish started as a joke, she is now kinda starting to grow on me.”

    I never like using the word fetish, but Hello Kityty seem to grow on one that way.

    There is two of us Mr HKH and plenty more, sleep tight.
    P.S. The only problem is the party hats.

  9. โ€œEven tho my Hello Kitty fetish started as a joke, she is now kinda starting to grow on me.โ€

    Mike, I gave you multiple options for decorations and each and every time you came back to Hello Kitty. Are you sure it was ever a joke? We just gave you what your heart desired.

  10. Whoa folks time to step back.
    Maybe I am reading this wrong but it almost you are blaming Mickel for writing this post. Hello kitty Hell is written by a man who personality type that thrives on outrage and anger and not Mickel or any Hello Kitty fan.

    Mr. HKH may I suggest a book Happiness is a Serious Problem by Dennis Prager. I do not see a Hello Kitty problem but a happiness

  11. You are such a liar!! And you have been caught red handed. He admits that he likes Hello Kitty and wanted the party to be Hello Kitty. Real men accept hello kitty because of her love and she makes them happy. This proves it and shows that you are the one with masculinity issues. So stop lying telling everyone that this man is suffering when he was having the time of his life. This proves that all men want Hello Kitty birthday parties and you are exaggerating every time you blog!

  12. Here is what really happened. Darlene holds gun to Mickel’s head and says start typing this or I will end you for not loving my master. I mean show you the love of Hello kitty for she is all loving and all knowing creator of happiness! “Ok, my wife is not the bad guy hereโ€ฆ Even tho my Hello Kitty fetish started as a joke, she is now kinda starting to grow on me. And I did enjoy both birthday parties and all the gifts (Hello Kitty items) and attention I got.”
    Thats a good boy she says as she leaves. Him wondering how she found him or did his wife get a hold of her.

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  15. everyone here is saying such a poor guy.. but i bet he gets the best sex in the world after putting up with that BS… if my wife did that to me shed better be giving me the best BJ in the world with a 4some with 2 other hot girls.. im pretty sure he got something like that, or the money to make it happen.

  16. @devils advocate

    Pretty ironic, but I actually just got divorced a few months ago. And I don’t remember getting a BJ or any kind of some.

    So yeah, poor me! But I still love Hello Kitty…



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