Hello Kitty Car Window Decal

It has always seemed that Hello Kitty has been subtly letting me know how she feels about me. While my wife insists that the 1974 pose is Hello Kitty sucking her finger, it seems that she is doing something a little different with her middle finger to me. Well, it turns out that the evil feline has decided to end the subtleties and let everyone know exactly how she feels about them. Welcome the true feelings Hello Kitty has for you:

Hello Kitty window decal

Sent in by drekls

14 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Car Window Decal”

  1. Mr. HKH is gonna hate me, but I do kind of like that decor….
    especially when I’m in mean traffic with irritating people behind me.

    I have to agree with acton too….it’s hard for HK to not give you the finger after 4 years of this site…LOL

  2. no, here is hello kityy on a bad day, we all have em. drive bus and see how many times in a day you dont give a hello kitty salute. lol


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