Hello Kitty Beauty Pageant

The thing that I fear most in Hello Kitty Hell is when my wife and I have kids. It’s an absolutely no win situation, first and foremost, because she will want to have the baby conceived in a Hello Kitty bondage room and delivered in a Hello Kitty maternity ward. If it’s a baby boy, he’s going to have to grow up dealing with Hello Kitty all around. If it’s a baby girl, well, suffice to say that all Hello Kitty Hell will break loose and my current situation will seem mild by comparison. That’s because things like Hello Kitty beauty pageants for kids exist:

Hello Kitty beauty pageant

When my wife saw this photo, she thought it was adorable and didn’t hesitate to inform me that when we have a little girl, she will participate in Hello Kitty beauty pageants. Maybe those Hello Kitty condoms aren’t such a bad idea after all…

Left by Kristen on facebook who should have to attend daily Hello Kitty beauty pageants for the rest of her life as punishment for letting my wife know that these exist and ensuring the depths of Hello Kitty hell increase when we have children…

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  1. As much as I love HK (sorry to say, man), anything having to do with children’s pageants is just so so so wrong. Distrubring, and wrong. Did I mention I think it’s wrong?

    Big kiss from the gal who is off to finish her HK half-sleeve later on today.

  2. Even HK can’t make child pageants worse. As far as I’m concerned it’s legalized child abuse at best. Adding HK to it is only a tiny droplet in an ocean of evil.

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks child beauty pageants are abuse. Cute tiara, but no children should have to deal with this crap.

  4. That poor child looks like she’s gonna fall over. No child should have to deal with something this exhausting unless they specifically want to. Adding HK doesn’t change this.

  5. This child knows the taint that comes with the crown and yes it is abuse for these kids and not even darlene can argue that the child is happy unless you consider torture happy time but oh no in kitty’s world anything is happy time if her face is on it.

  6. All I can say is that little girl is cute.
    I’m never much into beauty pageant, and kids beauty pageant is worse.

    btw, Mr. HKH, I heard some mothers spend 40,000 dollars on their 6 years old beauty pageant….just another whooper for you.

  7. This is Kristen, and I am the director of Dazzling Stars pageants, and I probably love HK as much as your wife does. Tell her I have an extra crown if she is interested! This was just a Hello Kitty themed beauty pageant.
    As for pageants for children, I competed myself as a child. I loved them. Plus at my pageants, all of my kids leave with the same big crown and some kind of title.
    The sweetheart you see in the picture of course is tired! She had a blast dancing and running around with friends all day! Plus, she wanted to get the picture over with so she could go over to that toy table.. lol.

  8. Thanks Catherine. I’m sure you feel great about yourself and thus you decided to bash anonymous posters such as myself on a fake Hello Kitty hate blog. Go you, your accomplishments will conquer all that is wrong in the world, I’m sure of it.

    Kristen, I think you’re sick. To think that these girls should have to go through this stress is ridiculous. If you competed and you actually loved it, I have to believe you’re delusional, as your parents probably were as well. Doesn’t it make you feel kind of sad that they through you into those competitions to make some money? How many of these parents are doing the same thing now? There is no reason to beat the ego of a child. They will deal with enough of it when they get older, or even enough at the age they’re at already by their peers in school. To lose a beauty pageant at that age, though, can ruin a girl’s self esteem for a lifetime. I know I can’t explain that to you, though. My words are falling on deaf ears.

    Also, thumbs-up on believing Mr. HKH and his “wife” exist. Big points for you all.

  9. I’m back after a long hiatus…

    So I think this is kinda cute… I mean they are little girls, and little girls love all things pick and cute, right?

    And as most parents know, if a little girl doesn’t like doing something (like being in a pageant) they VERY are good at beign VERY verbal about it.
    While I don’t agree with parents who force the issue, a lot of little girls love dessing up and performing, I know I did!

    Anyway, glad things are back to normal and the wifey didn’t totally spoil the fun like we feared in April!

  10. Mr. Anonymous,

    I was never forced into pageants. I begged to do them. And if I saw a child at one of my pageants who was not happy to be there I would ask the parents not to come back to my system. When you think pageants, you think Miss USA.. one winner, the rest losers. Majority of beauty pageants for children give ALL of our kids titles. Nobody “loses” our pageants.
    I agree, some parents do it for te wrong reasons. But honestly most children love this hobby. It is not different than competitive cheer squads for little girls or dance competitions.,, they are covered in make-up and feel defeated and like “losers” if they don’t win their competitions. Our girls are all winners. Of course there are bigger titles where more money will be awarded, but these are little girls. The younger ones could care less about their titles or money.. they want the toys and the candy and to play with their friends lol.
    The older girls who do understand differet levels of titles know that sometimes it is their time to win, and sometimes it is not. When I was younger, if a friend won the big title, I was extremely happy for them. Pageants for me were a treat, I LOVED getting dressed up.. if I won, GREAT! If not, I am glad one of my friends did because they work hard too!

    However, I must say that the people who enter their children for their own self fulfillment or enter their children against their will, that is unhealthy.

    I guess we respectfully disagree, but to say that I am “sick” is just… well uncalled for. You don’t know me at all =)

    My pageant will also be being filmed for TLC’s Toddlers and Tiaras in January. For those who are interested I will keep you updated on the air date!

  11. Oh also, Anonymous, you attack someone for putting down anonymous posters on a blog, yet, you.. not knowing me in the least bit, say I am sick and delusional? Don’t be so hypocritical =)

  12. Sorry to say this but little girls in beauty pageants are spoiled brats! The moms that go nutso on spending most of their money on their 6 year old is a waste of time. Those dresses being made are about $30,000-$100,000. And most pageant moms have their whole daughter’s closet filled with them. If u ever watched toddlers and tiaras u can definetly tell that the moms are pretty much down right loony. Most don’t really put up with their screaming brood’s tantrums, unless they’ve go anger management problems and dare to shake their children or even threaten to do something drastic. To be honest the tutus are a tad bit short. They kinda are a bit skimpy, about 5 inches above the knee.

  13. I swear that Kristen is just another teen into pageants who wants to be defensive of the girl in the picture. How do we know that you are not making all of it up by studying pageanting?

  14. i am i hello kitty lover and i would love to have that crown but my friends dont really like hello kitty so it would be wierd doing that. theymust adore hello kitty more then me. i would love to do it though.

  15. Why does the child look so upset or uninterested when she had just won the beauty pageant? I have never been a fan of beauty pageants, and beauty pageants involving children turns me off even more. But when you add Hello Kitty to the mix, it just becomes worse.


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