Hello Kitty Halloween Costumes

One of the greatest tragedies of living in Hello Kitty Hell is that even when Halloween is over, the torture from the holiday doesn’t end because all the fanatics feel it necessary to email me and my wife their Hello Kitty costumes. All I can say is that I’m just happy that none of them ended up at my front door…

Hello Kitty Halloween costume

Sent in by Sabree

Hello Kitty pirate costume

Sent in by danny

Hello Kitty costume

Sent in by Carmen

Hello Kitty costume

Sent in by Jaime (“I really wanted to be Hello Kitty and I thought that by duct taping my mouth shut I’d make it more accurate since she doesn’t have a mouth. instead everyone thought I was Hostage Hello Kitty.”)

Hello Kitty face paint costume

Hello Kitty Halloween costume

Sent in by Kay (via myspace bragathon)

Hello Kitty backpack costume

Sent in by Samantha (“This is not me, I merely found this picture mixed in with all of the other ones being uploaded for the halloween season.”)

Hello Kitty black dress costume

Sent in by Sarah (“Better believe I dragged my husband into it.”)

Hello Kitty kid Halloween costume

Sent in by Jenn (mom to Seaney)

Hello Kitty scary costume

Left by Chema Cx on facebook

14 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Halloween Costumes”

  1. That first person looks like an idiot in a colorblind child’s onesie. Can’t bash on the second one too much – pirates are pretty fabulous.

  2. LIES!!!! The 3rd girl is NOT Hello Kitty! The bow is on the wrong side… therefore she is Mimmy.

    I’m having a hard time trying to figure out if the 1st one is backwards too lol.

  3. Hellowookie, i took that picture in a mirror. It transferred the bow to the other side. :] THat and since it is not a real Sanrio product it could easily have been put on the wrong side. Haha. Still cute though, right?

  4. This is Seaney’s mom…. that pic was taken in 2009… she was 4 years old. She has been addicted to HK since she was 2. Now at the age of 6 she is STILL addicted to HK all the more. She calls her self Seaney-Kitty. LOL She is very proud that her pic is on HKH and tells people about it. She loves to come and sit with me and look thru the HKH page and look at all the fun stuff. 🙂


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