Hello Kitty Smashing Pumpkins

It seems that all of Hello Kitty’s love and kindness wasn’t quite able to save her from this ignoble fate. Now if only I was allowed to do that to our pumpkins each year, I could definitely celebrate the evil feline’s birthday in style each year. Nothing wrong with dreaming…

Hello Kitty smashing pumpkins

Sent in by swipper

Update: Almost as satisfying as a smashed Hello Kitty pumpkin is a Hello Kitty pumpkin that goes wrong during the carving…

Hello Kitty pumpkin failure

Sent in by Jaime

4 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Smashing Pumpkins”

  1. yeah, right as her face fell with a loud thump to the floor, i thought of Mr.HKH right away. my fiance then later smashed her as an effigy because of his angst against Hello Kitty and all the money i spend on her.


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