Hello Kitty Tattoo Plush

If there is one thing that the evil feline can’t stand, it’s her image appearing on stuff where she hasn’t been able to fleece the buyer for the majority of their last paycheck. Because of this, Hello Kitty tattoos have always posed a problem for her. The solution for body piercings was simple. The idea of a Hello Kitty tattoo gun never seemed to catch on except in prison. So Hello Kitty has done the only thing she can to capitalize on the Hello Kitty tattoo trend by creating a Hello Kitty tattoo plush:

Hello Kitty tattoo plush

Of course, my wife loves this and this plush has my wife thinking about getting a tattoo again. As I have mentioned on numerous occasions in the past, my wife really wants a Hello Kitty tattoo. My only saving grace up to this point is that she also fears needles — a fear that I highly encourage her to keep by describing over and over and in minute detail the excruciating pain that the tattoo needle can cause — because I know what the Hello Kitty Hell which will result if she somehow manages to overcome this brilliant fear that every Hello Kitty fanatic should have.

Sent in by fredrick who should have to get multiple Hello Kitty tattoos all over his body as punishment for once again peaking my wife’s interest in getting a Hello Kitty tattoo and ever thinking that sending this to me could be a good idea…

15 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Tattoo Plush”

  1. What is wrong with you????? You encourage fear in your wife? That is just sick and shows what a terrible person you really are.

    What if she needs to get a shot, but you have put so much fear of needles into her head that she refuses and then dies. That makes you a murderer. Think about that for awhile.

    Your wife wants a Hello Kitty tattoo. Get over it and accept it. It is your job to support what she wants, so start supporting instead of being cruel.

  2. Isn’t it also her job to support him instead of constantly filling his life with corporate crap that is aimed at children? Darlene sweetheart, actually try to get laid first before spouting off about relationships. Its 50/50 darling, not all your desires and none of his.

  3. Darlene, shut up. No one wants to listen to your psycho babble. I agree that he should let her do what she wants to her body, but there is no reason to be cruel about it.

    I seriously doubt that he has instilled so much fear in her that she would refuse to get a shot that will benefit her health. She is not a child. She is a grown woman that is smart enough to know the difference between choosing to get a tattoo and needing a shot for medical reasons.

    You really need to re-evaluate your views on people. Not everything is about your ideals hun. Let him voice his as well.

    As for the plushie, i think that it is a little to out there for me. Cute idea but not my style. :]

  4. I like this plush, now I gotta find a store that carries it and torment my boyfriend with yet another Hello Kitty addition to our room =D

  5. ^ Your boyfriend would do well to find something to torment YOU with so you can see how you like it.

    That thing is just UG. LEE. I mean, even uglier than most Hello Kitty crap.

  6. A helpful tip in keeping up your wife’s fear of needles; while there are many places on the body where a tattooist wouldn’t run the risk of hitting an important nerve or something, there is also the huge amount of intercellular fluid that will leak out of the fresh tattoo (not to mention the leaking ink) that will likely ruin any and all of the fabric-based HK products she comes into contact with while its healing.

    (Before anyone goes off about how I’m being paranoid or ignorant or whatever, my tattoos leaked quite a bit and the more sensitive your skin is, the more it’ll pus)

  7. Dude, my gf and i are willing to pay anything for that plush tattoo doll… so please let me know where u got it, and/or where i can get it!!!


  8. I agree with comment #13. I got online to find the perfect gift for my 18th birthday. (September 5th) Please tell me where you got this. I need this.


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