Hello Kitty Xmas Tree

This is why I hate this time of year. No sooner has Halloween and the celebration of whatever freaking year the evil feline has turned (does it really matter since she still looks exactly the same?) ended that I start getting emails for things like a Hello Kitty pink feather Xmas tree:

Hello Kitty Xmas tree

Hello Kitty pink xmas tree

Hello Kitty pink feather boa Xmas tree

Hello Kitty Xmas tree ornaments

Of course, my wife loves it and immediately asked me what I thought about it which is always a no win situation in Hello Kitty Hell. If I tell her the truth that it looks like a cat got hold of a flock of pigeons and puked them up after drinking a gallon of Pepto Bismol, I would most certainly be spending the rest of the week on the couch in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag. On the other hand, if I lie and tell her that it looks nice, then there is a good chance that I will have something similar sitting in my house for the rest of the holiday season.

Unfortunately, my tactfulness is running in short supply these days due to the constant reminders that we failed to go to Three Apples (doesn’t bode well for the rest of the holiday season) and I may have let some of the cat/flock of pigeons/puke and Pepto Bismol slip out. At least I’ll be sleeping on the couch knowing that pink monstrocity won’t be our holiday tree this year which counts as a tiny victory when you are living in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by mariammbaby who is punishing herself far more than I could ever imagine by simply thinking that this is a positive addition to her home…

Update: It looks like it is going to be an awfully pink Hello Kitty Hell Christmas:

Hello Kitty Christmas tree

Sent in by Gabe (and left on facebook) who says the following: “This morning I woke up (in my already pink Hello Kitty bedroom decorated by my wife by the way) to find this tree. My wife (who is hello kitty mad) was up to 3am decorating for Christmas and when I woke she had turned our tree into a pink kitty wonderland — its amazing what they can do with a can of pink spray paint and a collection of HK toys.”

Hello Kitty xmas tree ornaments

Sent in by schoolnerd via Twitter

Hello Kitty Christmas tree and decorations

Hello Kitty Xmas tree topper

Sent in by kendra

Hello Kitty Christmas tree with ornaments

Hello Kitty Christmas tree at work

Hello Kitty purple Xmas tree

Sent in by Michelle of both her home and office Christmas trees.

Hello Kitty mini Christmas tree

Left by @4PrettyPrincess via twitter

Hello Kitty pink Xmas tree

Sent in by ericka

hello kitty Christmas tree

hello kitty Christmas tree topper

Sent in by Colleen

hello kitty purple xmas tree

Left by @JoanArkham via twitter

Hello Kitty Christmas

Left by @RopeMarksMuse via twitter

49 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Xmas Tree”

  1. Yeah my HK tree looks way better too! This is just tacky kitty not tasteful sweetness. I balanced out the HK tree by making hubby a star trek tree. 😉

  2. I don’t know why your wife likes that tree because a) it looks like crap and 2) it has fake Hello Kitties on it. You would think she would be RARW only real hello kitties!

    Yeah and my tree looks better too.

  3. Funny but I kind of like it. I know my cats would really like it, to the point of removing all the feathers from the tree. How amusing Hello Kitty using bird feathers, lol!

  4. Hmm normally I worry that xmas isnt commercial ENOUGH. This tree seems to have its place & would not look bad in a living room , BUT id insist on a few Startrek or Playboy ornaments to balance it out, either that or the prior suggestion of a second tree with Startrek / Playboy guy stuff ornaments to balance out the living room.

  5. We have a very eccentric, brightly colored English teacher. She has different, colorful outfits for each day of the year, buys fake purple-tinsel trees, covers normal-fake trees in tinsel, decorates her classroom with little curtains.. everything.. but she took one look at this and said “ew.”
    That means more than I can say about how horrific this is.

  6. This thing sucks!
    Mr. HK, if you REALLY want to show these folks, why don’t you post MY pictures I sent you last year?
    I have 4 HK Trees!
    They go from 24″ up to 5′ tall, I have Green, Purple and Pink!

  7. Gaahh… those feather trees are the ugliest sort of fake trees possible, but could it get any uglier by dowsing it in Hello Kitty ornaments??

  8. Kitteh- I’ll be more than happy to spray you in the face with Windex 🙂

    And on Update Pic- WTF?!?!?!? Is that Paris Hilton??? Or just a BAD imposter?!?!?!?

    I STILL think my numerous HK Trees are WAY better! I think I need to send them to you Mr. HK to refresh your memory 🙂 Muahahahah!!!!!!

  9. Oh and P.S. I fear for the poor doggie in the bottom of that last pic, he looks like he going to hang himself with the tinsel garland… I would too!

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  11. …hahaha wow so wonderful,,,i like it.,but whoz that girl? ew… is she an impostor?.
    i love hello kitty!! 4ever {gayagaya’s r not allowed} hmmp

  12. Whoever sent in the picture of the tree with the girl posing next to it is lying. I can pretty much guarantee it. That is not his wife, just a picture pulled from the internet. Cute though, he’s pulling a Mr. HKH!

  13. I prefer natural trees. I do not care for artificial trees or off colors, but I do like to put some kitty ornaments and surround them with my Hello Kitty Plushies.

  14. I guess I m a new member in this site. My wife got so much HK stuff that I can tell if a HK stuff is made in Japan or China now…….
    I got a tree which has more HK stuff on it. How can I send the picture?

  15. Thanks, Acton… this is how I get through numerous days without killing my coworkers 🙂
    Everyone joked about me having a HK tree…until it happened!
    There’e even more this year since I added HK gumball machine, water dispenser, mini oven, cereal dispenser, giant pez dispenser, my HK Barbie and a 25th ann. Chess Set (still in box). I’ll post the link to my FB account later so you all can see 🙂
    Every year I find new things to put on it! I can’t wait for next year to have a 6′ tall tree so that way it will fit ALL my 1000+ HK ornaments!
    Merry HK Christmas too all!

  16. Wouldn’t putting a large Hello Kitty plush on the top of the tree instead of a star or an angel make the tree top heavy and thus more likely to topple?

    One way to wreck the ornaments on the rest of the tree, it would seem… :: Smirks::

  17. Now that first tree doesn’t even count!!! It is clearly a collection of the feathers of the Fuschia Macaw, an EXTREMELY rare bird only found in the jungles surrounding the ruins of Booju City in South America (pronounced amer-eek-kaw) and is lit to better highlight the feathers natural pinkness. The ornaments are completely random, though.


    *yes, I AM joking! You are so observant!!

  18. o.m.g.com i love the trees…I come to your site to see all the new and interesting stuff that your wife has collected and the random stuff people send you. My fanatic azz loves to see all the Hello Kitty stuff that people come up with at this time of year and it’s to bad my digital camera is broken i would have sent you the most awsome pics.

  19. Actually, I’m surprised my friend’s tree isn’t on here. It’s more insane than all of these. However, being the friend I am, I won’t send you the pictures. Otherwise, I might get “accidentally” strangled by a Hello Kitty scarf.


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