Hello Kitty Christmas Music Video

As if there was really a need to have one more reason to want this season to end as quickly as possible (see Hello Kitty Christmas trees and Hello Kitty ornaments if you had any doubts), this should quickly put the question to rest: a Hello Kitty Christmas music video that is guaranteed to haunt you long after the new year begins (you have been warned)

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Hello Kitty Christmas Tree 2011

Leave it to Hello Kitty fanatics to not have the patience (or common decency) to start sending me horrible reminders of what the next month is going to be like in Hello Kitty Hell. First there was the Hello Kitty Christmas tree which soon lead to another Christmas tree before the floodgates opened (which created a strong case in favor of those who believe the world isn’t worth saving). Was there really any doubt that there would be more Hello Kitty Christmas trees?

Hello Kitty Xmas tree

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Hello Kitty Advent Calendar

I have no doubt that this was created to make sure that the significant other of every Hello Kitty fanatic suffers intolerable agony on a daily basis for the entire month of December as he has to listen each morning to the excited, high pitch squeals of joy about how cute that day’s chocolate blob of feline evilness is. Just saying from my own experience…

Hello Kitty advent calendar

Sent in by Kiki

Update You knew that there could never just be one and that I would continue getting Hello Kitty Christmas crap after Christmas was long over…

hello kitty advent calendar

Sent in by hellokitty_luver

hello kitty advent calendar

Sent in by Hayley

Hello Kitty Christmas Wreath

If a Hello Kitty fanatic is going to have a Hello Kitty Christmas tree, you know that they are sure to have a Hello Kitty Christmas wreath as well. Now you know the reason that suicides spike during the holidays:

Hello Kitty Christmas wreath

Sent in by Gabe

Hello Kitty Christmas Buying Guide

I received an email asking me what Hello Kitty item I thought would be safe for a reader to give to his Hello Kitty fanatic girlfriend. The simple answer is that nothing is safe because once you begin buying anything with the evil feline on it, you have unknowingly signed a contract that you are OK with any amount of Hello Kitty in your life. This contract may seem cute and innocent at first, but it won’t take long to see that you have made a deal that is far worse than giving the devil your soul.

The unfortunate reality is that you are probably facing the choice of getting something Hello Kitty or facing the equivalent of sleeping on the couch in a Hello Kitty sleeping bag. While I can’t tell you what would be good to buy, I can definitely tell you what you want to avoid. Here is the Hello Kitty Hell top 10 guide to what you absolutely do not want to buy a Hello Kitty fanatic for Christmas:

10. The Hello Kitty Toaster

hello kitty toaster

Why? It seems innocent enough, but if you give in here, it’s straight downhill into the deepest depths of Hello Kitty Hell for the rest of the relationship. In the annals of time and Hello Kitty couples, by far the biggest regret that Hello Kitty fanatic partners have is that they once thought that the Hello Kitty toaster would make a “cute” gift and purchased it.

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Hello Kitty Xmas Tree

This is why I hate this time of year. No sooner has Halloween and the celebration of whatever freaking year the evil feline has turned (does it really matter since she still looks exactly the same?) ended that I start getting emails for things like a Hello Kitty pink feather Xmas tree:

Hello Kitty Xmas tree

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