Hello Kitty Hoodie

You would think that once Halloween was over that everyone could feel safe from the horror of having Hello Kitty fanatics dress up as the evil feline. Sanrio, in all their evilness, has other ideas. In an effort to torture all non Hello Kitty fanatics into submission, Sanrio wants to make dressing up as Hello Kitty an everyday event. There could be no other possible explanation for the Hello Kitty hoodie…

Hello Kitty hoodie

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36 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Hoodie”

  1. I always thought Hello Kitty was cute but I never went as far as to buy Hello Kitty stuff….until now. Your website may be about your hellish life surrounded by Hello Kitty, but to fanatics everywhere, it’s a source of all Hello Kitty goodness. I had no idea how much Hello Kitty there was out there in the world and now I want it all. Thanks to you, another Hello Kitty fanatic was born.

  2. I totally Googled it before I even saw the comments. Just placed my order at Hot Topic. I’m the happiest girl in the world right now, though, I’m in Afghanistan at this moment, mail takes forever.

  3. I have the original one, that is just her eyes and nose, and i am about to buy this one. ^_^

    It is at hottopic by the way. Roughly 45 dollars.

  4. Wow, that’s not flattering at all. It would have been better if it just had ears and the bow up top (did I really just say that?!). It makes her look really wide but ummm, I’m really glad they thought it through enough not to put the eye dots on the chest area.

  5. Besides that I thought at first the part on the chest (Hello Kitty’s body) was a giant mouth about to eat me, I think it’s fairly cute.
    …Yeah. Different body plz.

  6. OMG, i absolutely adore this(:
    this may be my new favorite website
    to gush at the adorable things,
    aha, right now im in my hello kitty towel wrap thing
    playing with my hello kitty charms on my phone.

  7. awww this is lovely.. as I type this I’m wearing hello kitty clips in my hair, hk flip flops, a hk top and a hk necklace that I made from an old hk phone charm… haha ahh me loves


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