Hello Kitty Punisher Tattoo

I knew it was only a matter of time before something like this showed up in my email. For any normal person, it would be hard to imagine anything worse than getting a Hello Kitty tattoo. That would be greatly underestimating the horror that the evil feline can produce. Anyone living in Hello Kitty Hell knows that things can always get worse, and this matching pair of Hello Kitty Punisher tattoos is a perfect example:

Hello Kitty Punisher tattoo

Here’s a tip that you should write down immediately and never forget. Never, ever get drunk with a Hello Kitty fanatic when she has tattoos on her mind. Granted, the guy probably thought he was doing something “cute” in his drunken stupor when the alcohol was dulling his stupidity warning system. Unfortunately, he woke up with a splitting headache the next day which grew immeasurably greater when he realised that he had inked the Hello Kitty onto his leg.

Of course, my wife thinks this is a wonderful idea and started to talk about how we should get matching Hello Kitty tattoos as well as soon as she saw these. I immediately reminded her in detail about her fear of needles and how painful getting a tattoo would be. While this has thankfully delayed the talk of tattoos again for the time being, you know that it’s only a matter of time before this topic takes Hello Kitty Hell to new depths…

Sent in by Michelle who has already punished herself and her boyfriend far more than I ever could imagine doing, since one day they will wake up and actually realise what they have branded themselves with…

16 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Punisher Tattoo”

  1. I still talk to God sometimes, I ask him if what I’m doing is right or wrong, I’m still waiting for an answer, and until I get one, I’ll be waiting, watching, THE GUILTY WILL BE PUNISHED!

  2. remind Mrs Hello Kitty that a tattoo is like being cut with a red hot dull knife until its done, then its weeks and weeks of being careful and cocoa butter and whining about how it doesnt look good yet.

    (i have 7 tattoos. and i always remember this AFTER.)

  3. mhkitty said… “And my real name is Michelle… this makes me wanna get it changed!” That’s a little rude! This was something they did as a couple, he loves the punisher and she loves hello kitty and this was a way of them showing how much they love each other and the sense of humor he has. In case you didn’t notice it’s on his ankle, a part of the body easily hidden by socks! And no, there wasn’t a copious amount of alcohol involved.

  4. my real name isn’t Sheila – phew – but would have to say tattooing yourself with anything to show your love is a bit silly if you choose something like their name, or a hello kitty tattoo – love doesn’t usually last, has anyone noticed?

    With the divorce rate in the western world, where 2 out of 3 marriages fail, (and i seem to remember the rate’s higher for de facto relationships) you want to be very careful what kind of permanent marking you put on your body. Tattoos are permanent, despite the myths of them being removable with lasers – they’re not, not completely, especially any bright or dark colours.

    Let’s hope his next girlfriend gets the joke – personally, i think a woman having a Hello Kitty tatt (like a great tacky sign on her that says “Hello Kitty Fan, Run Away Now!”) is a really good idea. Saves another man from being caught in Hello Kitty Hell. 🙂

  5. I’m Michelle, the one with the tattoo. My boyfriend and I have been together for a very long time. We each have quite a lot of tattoos. I was the first one to get the tattoo, as he is a Punisher fan and I wanted to get a tattoo to symbolize our relationship. He loved the idea, and ended up getting a similar one. I know the feel of this site, and would not have submitted my photo if I couldn’t take a joke. But fake-Sheila, making assumptions about my relationship and tattoo knowledge is asinine. Gosh, permanent? I wish I had known that when I got my first one ten years ago! T_T *cries*

  6. why do u assume i’m talking to you, Michelle (who’s never heard of using a pseudonym on the net)? I didn’t know you’d put your own pic up – lol – these things are usually sent by horrified onlookers.

    I was thinking the information might be useful to someone who hasn’t actually marked their skin yet, and i was laughing. Yes, at you. You remember, you put your pic on a site where people laugh at Hello Kitty silliness?

  7. I did expect people to laugh at it. I did say I could take a joke, and that I wouldn’t have submitted it if I couldn’t.

    Your first comment actually made me laugh, but the second one made me roll my eyes. Don’t you hate it when people do that?


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