Hello Kitty Sweatshirt Will Kill You

Buy a Hello Kitty sweatshirt and die. That is the warning that the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued for Hello Kitty Zip Up Hoodie Sweatshirts by NTD Apparel. Hello Kitty shows her love to children by providing them an effective way to strangle themselves with the hoodie drawstring. Would you expect anything less from the evil feline?

Hello Kitty sweatshirt will kill you

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Hello Kitty Hoodie

You would think that once Halloween was over that everyone could feel safe from the horror of having Hello Kitty fanatics dress up as the evil feline. Sanrio, in all their evilness, has other ideas. In an effort to torture all non Hello Kitty fanatics into submission, Sanrio wants to make dressing up as Hello Kitty an everyday event. There could be no other possible explanation for the Hello Kitty hoodie…

Hello Kitty hoodie

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Hello Kitty Cat Hood in Death

Remember those poor cats (and more cats) and dogs (and even babies and adults) that had were forced to wear Hello Kitty head gear to satisfy the cravings of the Hello Kitty fanatic in their family? One would assume that it couldn’t get much worse than this, but oh, it surely does. If you need proof, I present to you the Hello Kitty cat hood of death:

Hello Kitty cat hood of death

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