Hello Kitty Pajama Bottoms on Men

It’s never a good sign when you see something in Hello Kitty Hell for the first time, but you can usually console yourself with the fact that it was most likely a one time abnormality that you will never have to witness again. It’s much more worrisome when that image appears for a second time in a different situation because this gets you thinking that you may be seeing the beginning of some horrifying trend that will mentally scar you for life. That is exactly the situation I now find myself in with Hello Kitty pajama bottoms being worn by men:

Hello Kitty pajama bottoms

Left by mybffmatty on Twitter

And the first image from the Hello Kitty significant other post

Hello Kitty pajamas

Sent in by Melanie

17 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Pajama Bottoms on Men”

  1. LOL! Didn’t you find that cute?;) Poor guys! Wonder how much they were paid to pose for that in those horrible things…

    Hope you get a lovely Hello Kitt free christmas!

  2. Is it wrong that I think the guy in the second picture is kinda hot? (fyi “kinda” instead of “totally” because of the pink pj bottoms)

  3. HAH I love this! That man is hilarious in the first shot. His wife prolly wouldn’t buy sexy lingerie until he took a picture in those!

  4. Who is the guy wearing them???? I seriously/strongly think that’s my younger brother Jason B. If anybody knows initials or just first name of this guy wearing the hello Kitty pajama bottoms please let me know that be great. If that is my brother it’s freaking awesome LOL ?


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