Hello Kitty 1974 Finger Costume

I have a simple policy of not telling Hello Kitty fanatics where they can get the stuff on this blog. That doesn’t stop those that worship the evil feline from complaining and whining. When they realize that their tantrums have little effect on me, they move onto the next stage of trying to bribe me for the information. One Hello Kitty fanatic was so desperate that she offered to send me naked photos of herself for information on where to get stuff (yeah, like that would go over well with my wife…). The latest of these attempts was this costume — with the claim that this is the best Hello Kitty costume ever:

Hello Kitty finger costume

Once she sent the photo and made the “best Hello Kitty costume ever” claim, she sent another email:

now if you agree; you HAVE 2 tell mi where yu got the hat and mittens from ; so i can wear em @ mi nxt even whn its friggin cold ๐Ÿ™‚ — breeze

The first and most obvious problem here is that it’s impossible to ascertain what the hell she is even trying to say, but that seems to be the signature of many Hello Kitty fans. The second problem is that Hello Kitty fans seem to believe that they can somehow convert me to liking Hello Kitty by trying to make her sexy. This ends up having the exact opposite effect of producing nothing short of nightmare after nightmare. It also doesn’t help to have Hello Kitty directly showing me what she does to me on a daily basis in Hello Kitty Hell.

Given that I live in Hello Kitty Hell, I am obviously more than a bit biased when it comes to judging Hello Kitty costumes. Maybe having viewed life for far too long through Pepto Bismol pink colored sunglasses has made me even more jaded than even I assume I am.

So you be the judge. Is this the best Hello Kitty costume ever and does she deserve to get information that I clearly say that I will not provide?

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  1. If she could’ve spelled her request right, it would’ve gotten a lot further in my book. I say no, don’t tell her anything.

    (It also irritates me that people ask you, when they could find out for themselves. It’s called Google, people. Use it.)

  2. Pssh, are you kidding? You’ve never given out information to anyone, and I think that getting half naked, donning Hello Kitty ears, and using a Paint program to draw a nose on does not justify a good costume (much less a good reason to link her). Besides, I’m sure you’ve received literate fanmail, and she types like THAT begging for Hello Kitty stuff? Don’t think twice about it. Horde your hat and mitten links with pride.

  3. The girl looks super bitchy, but I don’t see anything clearly wrong with the costume (unlike those nightmare head mask costumes you posted previously). If it wasn’t for the matching plaid on the bikini top and the random puff-ball in the middle making it too much, I’d wear it.

    No, you shouldn’t give her the information that she wants because you’re just going to be inundated with more photos of narcissistic girls in Hello Kitty costumes.


    P.S.: I keep seeing girls wearing the earmuffs version of that headband from Hot Topic lately.

  4. That is NOT the best Hello Kitty costume ever…. it’s just lame & trampy. Just because you throw on a HK headband, it doesn’t make you Hello Kitty……meh

  5. Not even close. It is a Christmas colored slut costume with off-market kitten ears thay may or may not be HK and some random Kitty stuff sort of thrown in after the fact as accessories. The HK head to the right looks like a background item that isn’t a part of her costume. I’ve seen better slut costumes on dogs. And why the hell do people insist on writing in an email as though it were a phone text message!? It isn’t like an old style telegram, you aren’t charged per word! Use correct grammar you Kitty freak!

  6. No and that is a pretty cheap way of trying to get something. Once you give into one you will have to give into more.

    Is that a photo of her or someone she took from the internet? Either way, not cool.

    If she is that desperate, tell her to go search Yahoo Japan auctions. Seriously, it’s easier for her to send total strangers nude photos than do a little looking on the internet? Pathetic.

  7. It doesn’t even look like Hello Kitty, except the ears, and the nose. But…… . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . OMG AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  8. She’s cute, but not an accurate Hello Kitty. Too much mouth. Hello Kitty has no mouth.

    Now that I think about it, too much clothing too. Hello Kitty doesn’t wear any clothing. Neither should this girl.

  9. That was dirty… if your wife even think about someone trying to this… geez…
    No, she doesn’t deserves it…
    She deserves a slap in her face from Miss HKH with her HK gloves.

    An Brazillian Fan.

  10. this is just sad. she doesn’t deserve HK mittens for that lame ass costume. unless of course you’re going to slap her in the face with them.

    it’s people like her that give us Kitty fans a bad name!!! she clearly misses the whole point of Hello Kitty (sorry to sound a bit like Darlene there).

  11. Man, thank you for this words of wisdom.
    I live in a kitty hell too, so I decided to call the music I mix as
    no kitty music!
    great job this blog!

    see ya in a no kitty paradise

  12. Hello Kitty would never wear anything totally skanky like that. Hello Kitty, unlike the woman in this picture, has standards.

    Also, just because this woman can’t communicate clearly doesn’t mean that other Hello Kitty fans aren’t capable of getting their point across in a grammatically correct manner.

  13. Yeah, I don’t care if it is the best costume ever (which it isn’t), bitchery has no rewards. Do a google search like everyone else & grow up.

  14. First of all, she’s wearing a *plaid bikini top* and schoolgirl skirt that she’s about 20 years too old for. I know slutty halloween costumes are generally the norm for women of a certain age, but I’m really not big on the “trampy lumberjack” vibe I’m getting from this photo. Also, she needs to remove the tribble that appears to have become ungainly lodged in her cleavage. Definite minus fashion points there.

    Second, the face paint. I mean… come on. Put a LITTLE effort into it! The lines aren’t even of equal length or spacing. And, wait a…is that some sort of odd fishnet stocking I spy? Odd PLAID like fishnet stocking I spy? Yeesh, she didn’t just climb aboard the Trashy Train for this one, she took a running leap onto it. :/

    Third, no.
    Just no.

    Sorry, but putting on a headband with fuzzy ears and painting lines on one’s cheeks does not a Costume make, nor does it make it a recognizable Hello Kitty costume, nor does it make it a good Hello Kitty costume (granted, I’m not sure there is such a thing, but you take my meaning.)

    (PS: As my website I’ve included a link that I think the submitter of this… creation will find most useful. Enjoy!)

  15. I have to agree. She doesn’t deserve the purchase details just for wearing that half-hearted costume. She should take it off immediately… cough, cough, ahem…

  16. Best HK costume ever? Hell no. It barely even qualifies to be an HK costume.

    However, the fact that she made this effort is the best laugh I’ve had all day.

    So, fair’s fair. Don’t send her the info she wants, as she doesn’t deserve it. But, for a cheap laugh, send her a link to be rickroll’d. She probably won’t get the joke, but that’s her problem.

  17. HK costume? Ok, I’ll grant she’s got the ears with bow. She’s got some HK thing on her wrist. Other than that, nothing. Which, sad to say, makes it one of the best HK costumes I’ve ever seen, since it has almost nothing to do with the evil feline. (The only better HK costume would be one with no feline at all.)

    Regardless of whether or not it’s ‘the best HK costume’, you do NOT have to play by her rules, for the wager she set. Standard rule of duelling: if you make the challenge, the other person sets the weapon. She’s not allowed to make both the challenge and set the prize. (Which, I notice, is only to come from you; where’s your prize if you win? That you don’t have to give her the link? That’s hardly a prize; that’d be like me saying “If you lose, I don’t get to deck you.”)

    Stand by your guns. Don’t give her the link regardless. Not unless you agreed to her terms up front, or are the one who set them

  18. She deserves to be beaten over the head with a roll of HK toilet paper. The silly girl. Why on earth would sending a picture of yourself dressed as HK to someone who lives in HKH get you anything but ridicule?

  19. Okay, so she wants to know where to get the mittens and hat for the next cold-weather event, presumably that she will be wearing her alleged costume to? Um, I think your hands and head aren’t the only things that are going to be getting cold, sista!

  20. NO DO NOT GIVE HER THE INFORMATION! If she wants it she will have to suffer like other hello kitty freaks,
    find it on ebay
    go to chinatown
    type ” hello kitty hats and mittens for sale” in google.
    The costume also makes her look like a goat with cat ears strapped on it.

  21. Wow…her parents must be sooooo proud… It’s HK by the technicality of having the ears and hairbow and then she sends a pic where she’s not only flipping you off (yes I know about the finger thing in the HK stuff but still…) but that could potentially get you in trouble with your wife and land you on the couch in the HK sleeping bag. If she wants to curry favor with you, she’d give you a pic of a dead HK costume. Or better yet, USE FREAKIN GOOGLE!! Don’t give in Mr. HKH! Give one of them what they want and they’ll swarm like fleas on the evil feline and you’ll never have a moment’s peace.

  22. Best costume —- for a two bit prostitute

    No, Hello Kitty about innocence her willing to do nude show her moral state or lack there of.

    My condolences in your direction Mr. HKH

  23. Well she’s no Catwoman for sure but that’s still a cute little kitty I’d like to stroke! Oh, sorry if my comment is totally unrelated but I really couldn’t get passed the “boy is attracted to cute half naked chicks” stage!

  24. ….
    Excuse me for a moment. I need to go wipe my memory.
    BLAAAAAAAARGVUHNUH!!! *Shakes head vigorously*
    The only thing that’s creepier than this is that Hello Kitty murder case!
    No, wait. I take that back. This is creepier.

  25. L0l this was me as a ptot tiny raver :O love your comments im laughing extremely hard and of course my young ass didn’t type that accurately & my apologize sir I did not mean it in a sexual way at all, on the contrary I do not fancy men. Love thee site, will send you more images for you to rip apart ๐Ÿ˜‰


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