Hello Kitty Xbox Controller

If there is one rule of thumb when living with a Hello Kitty fanatic, it is never to leave anything that you value where the Hello Kitty fanatic has access to it. Why you ask? Because if you do, you’ll end up with an Xbox controller that looks like this…

hello kitty xbox controller

left by eignasan via Twitter who says “My boyfriend will love his improved HK controller when he sees it.”

Update: Apparently Gamecube game controllers are also not immune against being Hello Kittified:

hello kitty gamecube controller

Sent in by Fluff who asks, “Why do girls feel the need to collect all that rubbish? Check out what my gf did to my gamecube controller!”

25 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Xbox Controller”

  1. Somehow I get the feeling that her comments were intended as “He WILL love love his improved HK controller… or else.”

    Poor, poor boyfriend.

  2. let down. my two favorite things in life are my 360 and hello kitty (closely followed by marilyn monroe and the beatles) i thought this was going to be an actaul hello kitty controller, not a standard one adorned with stickers. oh’ and yes im a girl who games and im not fat or emo =P

  3. Hello Kitty fans!! They do have Wii remote covers with Hello Kitty on them….not sticker embelishments either!
    My soon-to-be 5 year old is a HUGE Hello Kitty fan. This site is cracking me up! Can’t believe a person could get so hateful about a cute little kitty! I do find it quite entertaining though! I know how it is though! My daughter will find Hello Kitty anywhere we go! I will admit that sometimes her ‘attraction” to the kitty makes me a little crazy at times!!
    Looking forward to reading more!

  4. As if being an X-brick controller (and therefore indicating that you are cursed with playing X-brick games) wasn’t bad enough!!…

  5. I have tonnes of HK stickers (the people that print Hello Kitty magazine seem to think that if they include stickers, people will use them. I don’t.)

    I also have some tiny little HK stickers that came free with an ice cream I got in Spain.

    I really want to customise my Wii remote.

    Hey, someone should hold a contest to see who makes the best custom designed games console controller.

  6. lol that be my bf that sent in my amazing job on the Gamecube controller!

    All the stickers that are on it, I said to myself “They’re collectables. I’ll NEVER use them!”. But when I saw the Xbox controller, I was like, “Right, I must use all my stickers!”

  7. @PrettyRaverGirl – They are not decals, they are your ordinary run-of-the-mill lucky bag stickers. Except the smaller ones on my controller came from an ice-cream I bought in Spain


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