Hello Kitty Weekly Update

It’s that time when I list all those updates and posts that didn’t make the front page. If you really want to make 2010 better than 2009, one of the first resolutions that you should make is to stop torturing yourself by looking at all the Hello Kitty crap that exists in the world. That mean leaving this blog right now and doing something massively more productive and beneficial to the world like watching butter melt or grass grow.

And if you happen to be one of those people that are here because you actually like the evil feline, a Hello Kitty detox program would probably be a wonderful New Year’s Resolution for yourself. Just saying…

Hello Kitty Fanatic Significant Other Photo (update)
Hello Kitty Bratz Lady Gaga Dress
Hello Kitty Soldier Cake
Hello Kitty Computer Keyboard (update)
Hello Kitty Mouth Mutant
Hello Kitty Wine (update)
Hello Kitty Eye Mask (update)
Hello Kitty Wii (update)
Hello Kitty Dog Holiday Nightmare
Hello Kitty Xmas Tree (update)
Hello Kitty Fanatic Shame
Hello Kitty Christmas Stocking
Hello Kitty Advent Calendar
Hello Kitty Water Dispenser

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