Hello Kitty LSD Tattoo

If there is anything that you learn in Hello Kitty Hell, it’s that the evil feline loves her drug culture. Between Hello Kitty bongs and Hello Kitty cocaine, you knew that at some point someone would think that something like Hello Kitty sporting 6 tabs of LSD on her tongue tattoo would somehow be a good idea:

Hello Kitty LSD tattoo

As I’ve said on numerous occasions, the fact that there are so many Hello Kitty tattoos out there is a pretty good sign that there are some serious problems with the human race.

There really aren’t that many things in Hello Kitty Hell that scare me more than some of the Hello Kitty tattoos I’ve seen. The thought of Hello Kitty on LSD is one of them, right up there with living in Hello Kitty Hell on LSD. Either way, those two things should never be mixed if continued sanity is something that you want in your life (and that isn’t even touching on her having a mouth and tongue).

Sent in by Hello Kizee who deserves the worst punishment possible for ever thinking that sending this to me could be a good idea, but having a friend named Pinky that actually has this tattoo is far worse punishment which trumps whatever I could think of by many degrees of magnitude…

25 thoughts on “Hello Kitty LSD Tattoo”

  1. So HK does have a mouth? It’s not surprising she only opens it for drugs.

    Imagine looking at this tatt a few years down the track – after you’ve grown up …

  2. It’s Hello Kitty’s eviller twin, Hello Licky. She sold her eyes for the ability to use her tongue. The drugs just weren’t any good without it.

  3. Hahahaha, I’ve seen worse.
    This by far, is epic.
    Unique definitley.
    People do worse to themselves, so I wouldn’t think this is “bad”.

    Open minds are awesome.

  4. One of the worst and poorly executed HK tattoos ever! You’d have to be on something to get inked like this! So ugly and wrong!

  5. nothing like getting tattooed by some idiot 13 yr old out of his mom’s kitchen. Here comes mersa and necrotizing fasciitis. maybe you’ll get lucky and your leg will rot off and you won’t have to live with that ugly tattoo for the rest of you life lol

  6. that is cool but that is not hello kitty that is her sister because hello kitty’s bow is on the right side and her sister’s bow is on the left

  7. Again, people are really stupid when they decide to get a tattoo of Hello Kitty. This, as well as many others I have seen, has the bow on the wrong side, which makes this not a picture of Hello Kitty, but instead her sister Mimmy.

  8. so this is my tattoo and my friend who passed away designed it! It is meant to be her sister because she is takin lsd!!! Everyone on here must have no life spending it on judging someone they don’t even know! I am not offended everyone has a right to an opinion! But mabyee you guys should get off the internet and go outside!


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