Hello Kitty Nightmare Video

One of the most difficult aspects of living in Hello Kitty Hell is explaining the complete fanaticism of Hello Kitty fanatics to people who have never met one. They simply have no reference, and any sane person would find it unbelievable the lengths that fanatics will go to surround themselves with the evil feline. This video gives a taste of what every Hello Kitty fanatic would like their house to look like (my wife is certainly doing her utmost to equal, if not surpass, it).

If you are dating a Hello Kitty fanatic, this is what you have to look forward to. It should give you the clarity to run away from the relationship as fast as you can. If not, feel free to take out a Hello Kitty knife (or any other of the numerous Hello Kitty weapons) and end your life now. I guarantee it will be a lot less painful than what is in store for you…

Left by Let The Wookie Win on twitter who should have to watch this video continuously for the next month as punishment for inspiring my wife to work harder on Hello Kittifying our place in the US…

26 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Nightmare Video”

  1. Everyone comes around to loving Hello Kitty and you will soon too! So you might as well give up this charade you call hell because you know you love her. Meow Meow lick lick pur pur!!!


    Kitty overload. And did I hear right, 500 new items EVERY MONTH?

    I’ll just go cower in the corner now………

  3. Let us not forget part two
    Xttp://www.youtube.com/watch v=9Jh1165621U&feature=related

    especally 5:46 to 8:06 in teh video, you will fear it mr HKH. He he he.

  4. Lets see…. 500 new products each month over 3 decades, so that means there is roughly 180,000 Hello Kitty products in existence

    Im terrified now, is there nothing that can stop the evil feline?

  5. I want that Hello Kitty house.

    All my little HK figures live on a small shelf.

    My duvet cover is usually HK, but today it went in the wash, and when I got in a lunchtime today I was very upset that my purple duvet with the sequins was on my bed. At least my HK blanket is still on my bed.

  6. Wow! I’m almost speachless…
    As a HK fan, I must say, I can’t wait ’till I have a little girl of my own so that I can take her to Puroland and enjoy it through her eyes. I know, I know using that as my excuse is so wrong, but how else am I’m gonna get my husband to take me, lol!!!

  7. I loooooooooooooovvveeee hello kitty but I respect someones dislike.
    Looks like grandma is rolling in the $$$$. She has had work done 😉

  8. Charlie Stross’ wife managed to get him to take her, and they don’t even have children; about the closest they come to kids is a plush Cthulhu called Fluffy!

  9. I can’t possibly be the only one who seriously hoped that when they said “This house is a living Hello Kitty palace” they were going to stop after the first syllable of the sixth word…

  10. Oh dear, I thought I’ve seen enough madness for one day. Mr HKH, if this is what you’re life is like, you have my depest sympathy. After seeing that HK house, the HK gate at Taipei-airport doesn’t seem as bad as it once did. (No points for guessing at which gate my flight left.)

  11. You are so delusional. It is obvious to any sane Hello Kitty fan that Hello Kitty brings people and nations to peace harmony and understanding.
    all that stands out in the video is that there are smiling joyful faces of women, men and children, united with love of Hello Kitty. what is so bad about that?
    the smiling ladies posing together could have lost hope or died if Hello Kitty hadn’t saved them. Hello Kitty gives us a reason to live when there is nothing else. Would you rather see them depressed or dead with no Hello Kitty coffin even?


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