Hello Kitty Christ

With Easter just around the corner, it is important for Hello Kitty fanatics to set the record straight about who your savior is. While you may think that it was Jesus Christ that died on the cross for your sins, you’d be wrong. It was the evil feline herself and that is why you should be worshipping her and displaying your devotion for her sacrifice for you:

hello kitty christ

We all know this must be the true vision of history because everyone knows that when you get sacrificed on a cross, this is undoubtedly an event that is surrounded by cuteness as can be seen in the little hearts above, flowers in the hair and the lovely pink background. We also know that Hello Kitty must be the savior because there is far more evidence that Hello Kitty came back to life that Jesus did.

Of course, if you do not accept this version of events, there is only one possible explanation of who Hello Kitty really is — and I can vouch for that being the case because I already live in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Carlos (from artist Martin Sastre) who should have to be nailed to a cross as punishment for ever thinking that this is something that I would ever want to see…

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  1. I’m not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, HK is not, repeat, not a religious icon, regardless of how HK fans seem to feel about “her”. On the other, I’ve seen a number of more conventional crucifiction paintings which drew their inspiration from Salvador Dali’s “Christ of St John of the Cross” ( (c) Glasgow Museums) (Source of statements about inspiration being the artists) which have similarities (other than details of the crucified figure).

  2. Well, this proves my theory that Hello Kitty is either a man or a menopausal woman. S/he has facial hair, and while I’ve seen some menopausal women with very stubbly beards, the amount of facial hair leads me to believe that Hello Kitty is a man.

    I KNEW IT!!!

  3. I’m Catholic and this is one of many interpretations of the crucifixion by artists who find this subject provocative. This is how certain artists use religion to gain publicity and fame. I personally find this offensive, not just because it’s the crucifixion, but I feel that ALL religions should be respected and not misinterpreted for the sake of art. With that said, I do see the coralation this artist was trying to express, but using HK as his replacement subject doesn’t carry enough power for most to take the subject of obsession too seriously. He might have chosen another way to express it though, but I guess thats already been done before, so both the subject and execution of his idea isn’t really new or creative. Originality is clearly not his strength here.

  4. This is either a very profound statement about the commercialisation of spirituality, particularly the importation and repackaging of Eastern faith to be more palatable to a Western society – or the product of somebody with a weird sense of humour and too much time on his hands.

  5. I second HK Mohammad. That would be doubly sacrilegious since you are not supposed to depict him at all. But if someone makes a picture like that, please don’t post it on your site. We need you alive so you can document your HK hellish experiences.

  6. Jesus is our lord! Our Saviour! One thing all Hello Kitty fans should know is that defying and mocking any religious symbol is a huge sin. I am a Hello Kitty fan myself, but this is going way too far.


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