Hello Kitty Joker Tattoo

You would think that Hello Kitty fanatics would have learned that there are just certain Hello Kitty combinations that should never be put together, but then that would be giving the Hello Kitty fanatics the benefit of actually possessing common sense. Those that follow the evil feline show time and again that they are willing to ink virtually anything on themselves with the obvious horrifying results. The latest addition to this terrifying display is the Hello Kitty Joker tattoo:

hello kitty joker tattoo

Truth be told, I know exactly where the image for this tattoo came from. I have seen this image before on far more occasions than I wish to remember. It was taken directly from the deepest, most horrifying nightmares I have — for that is exactly what Hello Kitty looks like in them as she mocks me for having to live in Hello Kitty Hell…

Left by @valeriafla on Twitter who has already given herself so much more punishment that I could ever imagine wishing upon her for letting me know abut it by the mere fact that this is permanently inked somewhere on her body…

13 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Joker Tattoo”

  1. This is an excellent follow-up to the HK Crucifiction (qv), as HK is once again portrayed as an adult male! This time, of course, the portrayal is also clinically insane, and should be detained without limit of time in a secure psychiatric facility, for the protection of society!

  2. Fine, fine. Now all of you whinging about HK as a boy can now look forward to the Virgin Mary!Hello Kitty & Harley Quinn!Hello Kitty.

  3. “but then that would be giving the Hello Kitty fanatics the benefit of actually possessing common sense”

    That is extremely judgemental and unfair coming from an obsessor of hating on people that actually decide to like the character hello kitty and sanriotown artwork…

    at the end of the day i get hated upon for being 22 female and look like there is nothing wrong with me but i am disabled, severely joint wise and i dont feel it is very fair at all that someone who spends most of their time obsessing over this character can judge others.

    At the end of the day, You created a blog all about slating hello kitty which i feel s lame in the 1st place and only ended up here from googling something to do with HKT magazines and found this, this is hell, but a different kind of hell to what you are trying to create, a hell of a bored individual that has nothing more important to do other than spend her/his/her? days on a computer creating a virtual world where pulling a cartoon/japanese/english oriented character down for personal enjoyment… and you wonder why people like hello kitty? ..they like hello kitty because they enjoy kawaii, cosplay, lolita and fantasise about Japan, others are between 2 and 12 and enjoy being involved in something, a group, feeling a sense of belonging.

    So i feel it is sad you spend most of your time / life well wasting most of your life, hating on people just because they have a liking for something you dont.

    People that do that annoy me because they feel that their dislike for something is sooo important that they should force it onto other people, you are nothing more than like a cult of your own, people who go and preach to others because they are wrong and you are right…

    …. have fun… i am off to enjoy my husband and son, and yes deal with my real issues like which shops cannot i enter tomorrow because they have a step and will my son have a fever tomorrow and will it be a hopital trip, and will my grandad be ok and out of hospital soon, and will i be in sooo much agony with 240mg morphine and 525 pregabalin plus other tablets that i will end up i hospital too and maybe not even end up in town, will i lock up and need help to move over, and i enjoy hellokitty, it brightens up my life, i enjoy the colours, i enjoy the art just like i enjoy jamie hewlett artwork as well as other more famous contemporary artists, because i can enjoy them and they make my life easier to cope with…. so what!

    Try having real problems lady…

  4. @cherryxhime
    You spoke too soon.
    I would not get too wrapped up with Mr. HKH,. Indeed Mr. HKH is the theater of the absurd. As much he rants he can not stop the Kitty or me become a older male fan. The irony is he will one day be grave yard dead. I bet hello kitty will still live on.


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