Hello Kitty Tank

Having a formidable weapons cache isn’t enough for the evil feline when all it includes is a Hello Kitty Armoured Personnel Carrier. There needs to be more. Thus, something as horrendous as the Hello Kitty tank exists:

hello kitty tank

This concept, of course, is much more frightening than the Hello Kitty tank itself. Does anyone actually believe that Hello Kitty’s military buildup will be limited to land? The fact that I’m already worried that it’s only be a matter of time before the Hello Kitty fighter jet and Hello Kitty battleship are commissioned and make their way into my email box confirms that I am deep in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by far too many people who obviously have way, way too much time on their hands who all need to definitely reconsider their logic (and how they choose to spend their time) for ever thinking that sending this to be would be a good idea…

25 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Tank”

  1. So… who would even have this?? An angry feminist? A secret branch of the army composed of HK fans? WHERE DOES IT COME FROM???

  2. This is most likely photoshopped.
    @Jodi Smith- The same people who own HK guns would get this if it actually exisits. It would be their dream come true.

  3. How rude! I didn’t photoshop it why are you assuming things and making up lies.
    Even though you mangle me and spread rumors I will pray to Hello Kitty to CURE your sick disgusting hearts. That’s how forgiving and generous I am…almost as generous as this next helping of pizza I’m going to take. Namaste, as they say in my country.

  4. This is an IS2, not an IS3! The IS3 was the first Soviet design with the (still current) upturned dome turret (and has a V shaped glacis plate, not a flat one). Either way, if HK wants to use 65-year old tank designs, I say “hello targets!!”

  5. We had a same type of Soviet vehicle in Prague – Czech Republic (Europe). They left it there like a monument. After revolution in 89, it was resprayed by artist to pink colour like this one! It had been shred and parts of it – pink soviet tank – are still in the city.

  6. @darlene 16
    You are not darline so stop pretending to be her. Your writing style can not to her ridiculous wit. For example she would not attack herself by mention her weight. Caller her fat, how juvenile. You sound like a trolling young brat who needs a time out.

    @the rest
    Ok folks I have to take back the photo-shop comment and say plausible, because I seen other example of painted soviet tanks.

  7. @acton, the original darlene was prolly a troll herself, i wouldnt be surprised if it was the website owner himself, trollin and proving how stupid HK fans can be

  8. How much longer before someone makes a hello kitty tsar bomb?
    Or a hello kitty bomb shelter to survive a hello kitty arms race?! “Goodbye, Kitty!”

  9. So, what are the chances of seeing a Hello Kitty Nuclear Submarine?

    Hello Kitty Fighter Jets? …which take off from a Hello Kitty Aircraft Carrier?

    I’ll shut up in a sec before putting up the best(?) idea ever: Hello Kitty Death Star.

    Search your feelings. You know it to be true.


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