Hello Kitty Honda Fit

One would think that with all the Hello Kitty cars that already exist in the world (Hello Kitty Ferrari, Hello Kitty Pick-Up Truck and Hello Kitty VW Bug to name just a few — and I know you really don’t want me to go on which, unfortunately, I could…), that the evil feline would finally decide that there would not be a need for any more. Of course, you would be wrong. Apparently Honda has jumped in bed with Hello Kitty to create the Hello Kitty Honda Fit:

hello kitty Honda fit

hello kitty Honda jazz

hello kitty Honda fit car

My wife loves it and thinks that we should get one. I tried to explain that it would be extremely dangerous to own something like that. There would undoubtedly be huge numbers of people thrown into instant fits of road rage when forced to look at it resulting in an early exit from life for anyone that was driving it. Then again, an early exit would be the most humane thing anyone could do for someone that was unfortunate enough to be seen driving something as hideous as that…

Sent in my Fiona who should have to ride around in a Hello Kitty Honda fit for the rest of her life as punishment for ever thinking that sending me these photos would result in anything besides my wife sending me to the couch in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag…

22 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Honda Fit”

  1. You would think this fron Houndai who can’t make any good looking cars so it wouldn’t really do any difference, Hello Kitty or not. But from Honda! It’s an outrage! They make the most fab and best street cars =) Imma kill that feline for molesting them like that!! Grr

  2. LOVE this car!!! Yes, it’s a bit overkill for most HK fans, but it’s cute anyway. @Fia- There are no car companies that mass produce HK edition cars. Sometimes companies do stuff like this for charity auctions. Most times though, someone who has a car like this paid ALOT of money to have it customize and still has $$$ left over to repair any damage to the paint job. @SHEENA- Lucky you, my husband would rather walk through a desert w/o water than drive this or any car that had HK on it, lol 🙂

  3. MEN! It’s beautiful like a sunset and only a miserable person could dislike such a thing.
    Hello Kitty spreads joy to all faces except bad people’s and that’s how we can tell the good people from the bad ones.

    You are living in Hello Kitty Heaven but have a curse. you can’t see the beauty even though you are surrounded with it. It’s like you have magical sunglasses that make all things seem ugly even though they are the best thing ever.

    I pity you. One day when I lose all the weight and can squeeze past the doorway, I will go outside and drive this car! I’ll take a road trip!

    There is probably enough room for my 10 Persian cats in there… but not a litter box. Maybe they can poop in my lap.

  4. at first i thought the sticker on the back bumper said “Pimples”. now i realize it says “Dimples”. either way, what the hell?

  5. Ugh… I love Hello Kitty & would probably gush over this if I saw it, but it wouldn’t take me long to get incredibly sick of this car. In fact, I can actually time it- the “aww, so cute” gushing lasted about maybe a minute before I went “eww… this is kind of annoying now”.

  6. Despite the creative blurring, I recognize the design of that license plate. Coupled with “Dimples”, this is a Philippine car.

    I once saw a pink Honda Civic drive past my house. When it slowed down, I saw some lighter decals on it; Hello Kitty heads.


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